Pam and Norm Robbins with daughter Ashley Robbins Gonzales

Pam and Norm Robbins, with daughter Ashley Robbins Gonzales

Pam Robbins was the first Realtor in the family, beginning her career 32 years ago. Ashley Robbins Gonzales, her daughter, was 10 at the time. After Ashley married in 2000, she decided to give real estate a try, too. As luck would have it, their talents made them a formidable team. With Pam as the people person and Ashley as the tech whiz, they discovered soon how much of a good match they are.

But there was a piece of the puzzle missing. After a long career at the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and later in community relations at Lockheed Martin, Norm Robbins, Pam’s husband and Ashley’s dad, had the vast network that would make this family affair take off.


1715 Western Facade

How many times have you passed a house and wondered what lies within? This home at 1715 Western Avenue, in the Crestline area of Fort Worth, lying only a stone’s throw from River Crest Country Club, conceals a great deal behind its pleasingly proportioned, discreet façade of comely rose-colored brick. Soaring double-height windows and the front door divulge its 1985 vintage, but the front is respectful of architectural tradition.