2839 Burlington Front

Immensely cute. That’s my shoot-from-the-hip description of this Oak Cliff cottage. Located in Sunset View, just outside Ravinia Heights in the North Cliff Conservation District, this home is in an excellent location for anyone who wants to be both in close proximity to downtown Dallas and be near the festivals and shops in the Bishop Arts District.

2839 Burlington Living

This adorable house clocks in at 1,464 square feet with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and tons of updates and upgrades. Several major components have been replaced recently, including the HVAC system, the roof, and the windows. That will save a new buyer tons of money in the long run. Speaking of money, 2839 Burlington Blvd. is priced at an affordable $198,000. I think that’s a great price point for this home, which is marketed by the knowledgeable Brian Davis of Dave Perry-Miller & Associates.

2839 Burlington Dining

The kitchen has granite counters and stainless appliances, as well as gorgeous cabinets and designer paint. I love how this home has plenty of color but doesn’t seem overwhelming. It’s not all beige and gray, but it’s not exactly fuschia and tangerine, either.

2839 Burlington Kitchen

The original hardwood floors throughout this home have been restored, which adds to the vintage charm of this home. While this home was built in 1939, the open layout of the living and dining areas belies a careful renovation.

2839 Burlington Master

The master bedroom is a decent size considering the age of the home, and the master bath is modest. But it’s the rich color on the walls and the modern tile selections that make this master suite stand out.

2839 Burlington Bath

The backyard, which is a landscaper’s dream, is a blank slate save for the party-friendly deck. It’s large enough for Fido to enjoy and still leave plenty of room for a vegetable garden and maybe even a chicken coop.

2839 Burlington Backyard

This house, if it could say one word and one word only, it would be “AHHHH-DORABLE.” Just like that. In fact, it would be shouting it, so when you heard it from around the block, you would come jogging through Winnetka Heights until you found 314 N. Clinton, a butter yellow Craftsman with a porch swing just west of Tyler Street.

Once you step inside there is tons more to love. The home was remodeled with consideration for historical details, a renovation that won an award from Preservation Dallas in 2005. That’s really the impression you get when you step through the threshold.

Keep going and things get more and more interesting. Right off the bat you’ll notice the little markings on the blonde hardwood floor. Interesting, right? Well, it’s because the flooring is a recycled basketball court. How awesome is that? Not only is it eco-friendly, but it looks cool and is definitely a conversation starter!

The kitchen has some really great points, like the vent hood, the cute storage shelves, and the range. The rest of it could use a good shake-up. Perhaps extend the counters over to the range, add some more cabinet space, and change out the pendants. Minor fixes, in the scheme of things.

The kitchen opens to the living area, which has a pretty crazy fireplace, and I mean crazy in a very respectful and endearing way. This home, which is 2,016 feet, has two living areas, three bedrooms, and two baths.

It’s priced at $329,000, which I can’t really make a judgment call on. There has been a lot of renovation to this home, but it could still use some work. It’s in a pretty desirable location, though, and in one of the most active historic districts in the city.

I do know that this home has something that is pretty much unheard of in 1930s Craftsman homes: A walk-in closet.

The master bedroom is flanked by the closet and a cute little bathroom with a claw-foot tub. This is the kind of scene I think you would see in a little bed-and-breakfast cottage. At least that’s what it feels like.

This house oozes charm, and it’s sure to find the right buyer soon!


It always happens when you have a baby: Relatives come to stay for an open-ended period of time to “help” you. More often than not, they end up crowding things, and leaving you with more dishes in the sink and rings on your coffee table (Trust me, I speak from experience). Wouldn’t it be great if you had room for them that was detached from the main house? A place where you both could have some privacy?

You may think that you’d have to break the bank for something like that, but it’s not true!  In fact, you can have a guest house and live in one of the cuter neighborhoods in North Oak Cliff for less than $300K!

I present to you, discerning readers, 915 Stewart Drive in Kessler Highlands. This adorable two-bedroom, two and a half bath is just adorable, with recently remodeled bathrooms that gleam and sparkle and a very open kitchen and dining area. Marketed by the talented Hewitt & Habgood group, this little gem is perfectly priced at $297,000.

The details are outstanding, like recessed lighting and gorgeous archways. This home feels much bigger than 1,542 square feet, too, thanks to the vaulted ceilings.

The living room has a great fireplace and a gorgeous stained glass window, too, which appears to be original to the home, built in 1932. The bedrooms, which are a great size, have plenty of room for a small family or two young professionals. It’d be a great home for a couple of artists, too, and you’ll find several of them in Kessler Highlands.

This is a great neighborhood because you get all of the wonderful amenities of living in Kessler Park without the crazy price tag. You’re a stone’s throw from the Kessler School, too, which is an excellent early education campus. And on the porch at 915 Stewart is a great porch swing, the perfect place to get to know your new neighbors!

But my favorite thing about this house, as you could probably tell, is the guest quarters attached to the two-car garage. It’s the perfect way to keep out-of-town guests comfortable without sacrificing your sanity! Of course, you could also use it as a home office or maybe an art studio, too.

What a neat house!

Lots of young folks moving to Oak Cliff are looking for a charming older home with great bones. They’re looking for fixer-uppers, diamonds in the rough, and plenty of room for sweat equity.

To me, however, that sounds like a lot of work. (If that makes me sound lazy, well, color me guilty.)

If I were looking for a home in Oak Cliff, I’d snag one of these adorable Winnetka Heights Craftsman bungalows where someone else has poured in the blood, sweat, and trips to the hardware store so I don’t have to. So you can see why 122 S. Rosemont Ave. is so appealing to me. And at $229,000, it is an incredible value.

Nevermind the curb appeal. I love the bright colors on the siding! It has so much character and literally makes me smile just by looking at it. I love the attention to detail, especially with the dentil trim and the railings on the adorable front porch.

Inside it’s just as bright and easy on the eyes. The living room is incredibly well lit and has a cute fireplace, too. There are wonderful and well-preserved built-ins, and French doors, too. I am sure Crystal Gonzalez of David Griffin & Company Realtors loved how much light and impact this home lends right when prospective buyers walk through the door!


Of course, I gauge a lot of my feelings about a home after seeing the kitchen. This house is no slouch in that department, with a top-to-bottom remodel including stainless fixtures, granite, tile, and super clean cabinets.


Both baths in this three-bedroom, two-bath home have been updated, too. There’s new hardwoods throughout, and fully redone electrical. If you’re buying a home that was built in the 1920s, you’re going to want to have a professional rewire it as this has been.

Now, the backyard has a great little deck, but otherwise it’s a blank slate. I can see some enterprising amateur gardener taking this on and turning it into a blanket of color. It’d be a great place for a chicken coop, too!

A word about the neighborhood: Winnetka Heights is probably one of the most active neighborhoods in all of Dallas. It is very well organized and has a Facebook page that’s more like a soundingboard than a neighborhood group. Because it’s a city-designated Historic District, you can count on stability as far as what the homes around you are going to look like in 10 or 20 years.

Also, there’s been a resurgence in parental participation in Oak Cliff schools, and for parents of young kids there’s the Rosemont Early Childhood PTA, which is the oldest PTA in the state of Texas.

Add to that the close proximity to the Bishop Arts District and West Davis Street, as well as the growing and changing Jefferson Boulevard area and, well, all you need is a new bike and you’ll never have to leave 75208!

What does Amy Vanderoef's bright red front door say about her Kessler Park home?

We fell in love with Amy Vanderoef’s adorable Kessler Park home on Windomere last week, especially with the cute bright red front door.

It made a big impression on us, so it stands to reason that the front door, with it’s cherry red sheen and cute arched top, will stand out to potential buyers.

According to this story from Business Insider, your front door can either attract or repel buyers based on color alone.

Take Vanderoef’s door, for instance. A bright red front door indicates a home full of energy and life. After reading Candy’s post about the Vanderoef family, and seeing the inside of their perfect little home, that’s definitely the case!

Blue, on the other hand, indicates a calm and tranquil interior. North Dallas Realtor Lydia Player painted her front door a lovely shade of bright blue.

Green and brown both attract those who love nature. A black front door exudes “strength, sophistication, power, and authority,” says Debbi Zimmer, editor at PaintQuality.com.

Thinking of painting your front door something brighter? Approach with caution, as too much personality can be offputting to a potential buyer.

Personally, I love brighter shades on front doors, especially in neighborhoods like mine where a lot of the homes tend to look a bit too much alike.

What’s your favorite shade for a front door?

Built in 1941, 2020 Marydale Dr. has plenty of charm and tons of updates.

When we talk about Oak Cliff, we talk a lot about Kessler Park and Winnetka Heights. But it’s time to give Stevens Park Estates a little love because there’s such great value in the area, such as this 1941 Austin stone house at 2020 Marydale Drive marketed by the Hewitt & Habgood Realty Group.

The lots, which are huge in Stevens Park, are often full of old oaks and immaculate landscaping. On Marydale, you’ll find several perfect examples, including 2020 Marydale, which has an epic outdoor living space complete with pergola. Start a little fire in the chiminea on cool nights and it’s instantly cozy.

The insides aren’t too shabby, either. You get plenty of living space in this almost 1,900-square-foot abode, including a game room with plenty of space for a pool table.

The kitchen, well, I’m picky when it comes to kitchens. I love the iridescent backsplash, the clean cabinets, the bay window, and the stainless steel appliances. The paint and the tile floor are kind of meh, though. Still, it’s got more positives than negatives.

There are two bedrooms and two fully remodeled baths in this home, which is a feat in and of itself. Bathrooms in these homes tend to be painfully small, so plenty of good updates will help buyers see past the closet-sized commode.

But think of it this way, they’ll be spending most of their time outside anyway, right?

Yes, I am going to show you another awesome house in Oak Cliff. Why, you ask? Because if you aren’t considering your next home purchase to be south of the Trinity River, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

Like this adorable three-bedroom, two-bath Tudor in Kessler Square marketed by Brady Moore. You can tell by looking at 1046 N. Edgefield that this home was recently updated. Lots of fresh paint and fixtures, as well as a gorgeous and modern kitchen with a too-cute island. It’s priced right, too, at $339,900.

The details are almost too much in this house. I mean, check out the tile in the bathroom! It’s perfect!

And there’s a great sleeping porch, which is probably one of my favorite things about older homes. Of course, now that we have air-conditioning, many sleeping porches are enclosed. But they’re still great spots to grab a good book or a knitting project and sip some coffee.

And Kessler Square, which is an awesome little nook inside Kessler Park that feels like row-after-row of adorable Tudors, is a great place to buy. If you’ve ever driven up and down the streets of Lakewood, you’ve probably seen a similar sight — tons of Tudors from the twenties that have been lovingly restored.

It’s also close to the Kessler School, a private elementary school with a wonderful staff. And you’re a short bike ride from the under-construction Sylvan Thirty development and the Bishop Arts District.

Seriously, this is probably the most up-and-coming-est area in Dallas!