10-nonesuch-rd-dallas-tx-1-High-Res-1I may have forgotten to tell you that 10 Nonesuch Road, the stunningly significant Dallas Landmark and Lakewood mansion that once belonged to the late Stanley Marcus, in fact, was designed and built by Stanley Marcus, has left the Hip Pocket world and entered the world of the MLS. Dave Perry Miller agent Nancy Johnson is the listing agent.

And, in time for the holidays, it has take a bit of a price chopper chop to nudge it along to its next owner. The home had come on the market at $4,990,000, which I still think was pretty darn fair for the vast amount of land and superbly updated amenities.

Now 10 Nonesuch is listed for $4, 490,000. That’s for 9558 square feet, and one of Dallas’ first examples of modern architecture. If the walls could talk: this estate was host to many of the world’s rich and famous from President Lyndon Johnson to Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor. The home sits on a secluded three acres plus 1 acre of surrounding creek, and includes main house, guesthouse, pool & lush grounds.

I wonder if the walls know the truth about the Kennedy assassination?

We have written about it before, and we hope to write about it again, soon, when we tell you who the new owner is.

Will MLS help this magnificent property get sold? What do you think of the price reduction? Come on folks, this is one of the most significant homes in Dallas… in North Texas. Should it be staged next? How so? We vote for Blu Sky Living. Who do you vote for? Inquiring real estate minds want to know…

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10 Nonesuch, a famous neighbor

10 Nonesuch, a famous neighbor

P.S.  We may re-post the original for your Thanksgiving viewing pleasure!