A new build at Hockaday and Snow White was tagged by what some nearby homeowners allege to be a disgruntled neighbor. The brick home had “GREED” scrawled on the Snow White-facing side over the Labor Day weekend, according to NextDoor posts.

At least one person is less than thrilled about new builds going up in Northwest Dallas‘ Forest Knoll Estates neighborhood, north of Royal Lane near Midway Road. The first clue is the giant word “GREED” scrawled in spray paint on the Snow White-facing side of this Hockaday Drive spec build from ICF Custom Homes. The second clue is the barrage of posts on NextDoor speculating just who would do such a thing.


Mount Auburn

Gentrification is washing over Dallas like a wave. Neighborhoods that were once working class and affordable are vanishing faster than you can say “tear down.” One such neighborhood is directly behind me, so it has hit home (literally) in a big way. I have lived on Valencia Street in Hollywood Heights since 1990 and the Mount Auburn neighborhood starts at my back fence, and it’s changing by leaps and bounds.


“Users will also be able to see how many people recommended a real estate agent. Real estate is apparently one of the most popular topics on the site. Nearly 25,000 real estate agents have set up local pages on the social network, more than any other profession, according to Nextdoor.”

If you haven’t moved 98 percent of your advertising dollars on line and out of print, here is yet another chance — besides CandysDirt.com, of course!

The neighborhood-based social network, Nextdoor, launched a community real estate ad section Tuesday in 10 markets, including Dallas-Fort Worth. The section will also be rolled out in Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento and San Diego.

(Inman Real Estate Connect starts Wednesday morning, wonder if the launch was timed to Connect?)