When Mark Law took his job as the vice president of product innovation for HomLuv, it necessitated a move to Austin from Seattle. His wife was still in Seattle, in fact, when the couple also became one of HomLuv’s earliest users.

HomLuv.com is a visual search platform for new home buyers that takes the joy of Pinterest and Houzz and the practicality of your budget to make a tool that takes some of the hardest parts of picking a home builder and makes them disappear.

“We found that many people will use Pinterest and other sites and they’re putting million dollar photos of rooms they like, and then they are disappointed when they can’t get it because it’s out of their budget,” Law said.

HomLuv is different because users can log on to the site (which went live today) and page through pictures of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even garages — all filtered by the prospective homebuyer’s budget, square footage desires, number of bedrooms wanted, and more. (more…)