Barbara HeadyAt this very moment, Allie Beth Allman agent Barbara Heady is fighting for her life in the intensive care unit at Desert Regional Hospital in Palm Springs, California after she was hit by a truck while crossing a street with her family. I am not sure exactly where the accident took place, but have been told by one source it was apparently a young man driving a huge truck on an expired license. As one of her children wrote in a CaringBridge journal entry:

“My mom, (Barbara) was struck by a truck in the middle of the road last night. My father and I could only watch helplessly as she was flung in the air and into the middle of the street. She is in critical condition at the ICU of the Desert Regional Hospital in Palm Springs, CA. We are awaiting more info from the head doctor.”

Barbara and I have talked many, many times about her love of second homes in southern California and I am more than horrified to hear this news. I am praying for her, her family, and encouraged by the latest journal entry that she has opened her eyes and squeezed her child’s hand.  Please, please keep her in your immediate prayers and let us send a sea of positivity and love from Dallas to southern California every single minute until Barbara is back with us. Let her just feel that love make her strong!

For more information, and to send her family your love, sign into and log in at The CaringBridge.  I will also keep you posted here on