As you know, townhomes are becoming prevalent in areas where lots are priced at a premium and walkability comes standard. So when we heard about Knox View Homes, an exclusive, architect-designed community ideally located in the Knox District, one of the most coveted upscale neighborhoods in Dallas, we were immediately intrigued.

As many Dallasites well know, our city needs quality development that will stand the test of time. And that’s what’s so satisfying about Knox View Homes.

“Quite simply, it’s where everyone wants to live right now,” says exclusive listing agent, Susan Griffin of Bill Griffin Real Estate Brokerage. “These are innovative, modern townhomes for owners who want to live in the heart of Dallas’ most walkable community. You have very posh restaurants and retail mixed in with mom-and-pop shops and casual dining. You get the best of both worlds with close proximity to the downtown Dallas Arts District and the Katy Trail, that will eventually take you all the way to White Rock Lake.”

You’re hooked, right? That’s why you don’t want to pass up this chance to see these gorgeous townhomes up close and personal. As always newsletter subscribers hear about our exclusive staff parties first, but just in case you haven’s subscribed yet (you can fix that right now, right here), we’re offering a first look at Knox View Homes with Griffin, Scardello Artisan Cheese, and Look Interiors tomorrow, from 6-8 p.m.

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Open House, Thursday, April 26, from 6-8 p.m. at 5016 Vickery Boulevard, currently listed for $999,000 by Susan Griffin of Bill Griffin Real Estate.

Knox View Homes has been a phoenix rising for all the drivers on North Central Expressway and Knox Street to view – and its listing agent, Susan Griffin has been receiving calls ever since she hung her banner up on the side of the development. The exclusive, architect-designed community is generating a lot of buzz in the neighborhood, and for good reason – it consists of four single-family, modern residences that put indoor-outdoor living first, and are ideally located in the Knox District, one of the most coveted upscale neighborhoods in Dallas.


Yesterday came news, sad as I think it always is, that Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens are divorcing. They are one of the most charitable couples in Dallas, probably the world, and I cannot wonder if the Alva Court house will soon go on the market, though Norman Brinker stayed on in his Alva Court house even after the split with Nancy. Madeleine owns the Del Mar Country Club in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. where Michael Dell among others (Janet Jackson, Madeleine’s good friend Jenny Craig) have second homes. She got that from her previous husband, Allen Paulson, founder of Gulfstream.  In any case, looks like the Pickens paid $5,000,000 for this Preston Hollow home in mid 2005, the home having been built by Janie and Cappy McGarr in 1996. Boasting almost an acre, 8215 square feet, a three car garage, master down, three bedroom up, pool and cabana, it is in the honeypot of Preston Hollow.

Nothing like a market that’s so tight you have to go around sniffing divorces to find potential listings…

Inman’s Agent ReBoot is coming to Austin, tomorrow, Tuesday October 4. I have some hot free tickets for the first two people who can tell me two things: 

1. The address of Rick Perry’s first home (in Texas)

2. What was Rick Perry’s capital gain on thr Austin lot he sold to Michael Dell?

What, you may ask, is Agent ReBoot and why do I want to be there?

Short answer:  ReBoot is a mini Inman Connect for brokers, agents, investors, anyone interested in the latest real estate technology news. In one day you’ll hear experts from across the country tell you how to use technology more effectively to “reboot” your business, retool yourself with the latest real estate hotties to get properties sold.

Inman News is an on-line real estate news, information, advice, research, opinion and commentary, always reported with a tech overtone. Geared for industry professionals and real estate consumers, it’s the place where you learn what’s going on in real estate before anyone else does. I attended my first Inman Connect in San Francisco, by accident, about four summers ago and thought I had entered if not another world a part of California where English was not the primary language. I heard about this thing called Twitter and Blue Skies and Cloud computing when the concepts were so new, so foreign, I thought perhaps this was the new tongue of Cali. My meeting is what inspired me to start a real estate blog! I soon learned that Inman was a place that didn’t focus on what real estate is doing now (and wring hands, and sigh), it focused on tomorrow and how technology was shaping the future, how it could be used to re-tool agents, to survive. You know who’s a scary guy? Craig Newman, founder of Craig’s List. He’s scary to agents because his site lists homes for sale without agents. Craig spoke at my first Connect and was grilled by the agents. But my best memory is seeing Spencer Rascoff, co-founder or some executive of Zillow (because we just love Zillow’s Zestimates, especially here in Texas, NOT!) getting not just grilled but skewered by agents and national experts. Two years ago Inman brought Bob Shiller of the famously gloomy Case Shiller report to NYC Connect to a packed audience of agents so terrified of the cratering market I heard the pharmacies near the Times Square Marriott had a run on anti-depressants.

Inman basically takes your worst fears, places them in front of you, and says OK, let’s get the convo going.

And let’s face it: some Austin agents are still having trouble turning on a computer. I love the agents who call what I do “blobbing.” (You call it whatever your heart desires!) They want to FaceBook, not sure how. Video? Oh my. Only .8% of agents across the country use video in their listings even though it helps promote your listings amd sell homes tremendously.  Inman is where you will get the know-how and learn how to use video and other tricks to increase your SEO.

My what? SEO?

I told you, you need this course! Especially if you are getting tired of spending big bucks on print. In fact, the sub-head for this event may well be: How To Save Your (Thousands) of Dollars on Useless Print Advertising and Start Using Internet Tools to Market.