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Staff Party April 26! Don’t Miss an Exclusive Look at Knox View Homes

By Joanna England / April 25, 2018 / 0 Comments

As you know, townhomes are becoming prevalent in areas where lots are priced at a premium and walkability comes standard. So when we heard about Knox View Homes, an exclusive, architect-designed community ideally located in the Knox District, one of the most coveted upscale neighborhoods in Dallas, we were immediately intrigued. As many Dallasites well know, our […]

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Knox View Is Where EVERYONE Wants To Live Right Now

By Amy Puchaty / April 19, 2018 / Comments Off on Knox View Is Where EVERYONE Wants To Live Right Now

Knox View Homes has been a phoenix rising for all the drivers on North Central Expressway and Knox Street to view – and its listing agent, Susan Griffin has been receiving calls ever since she hung her banner up on the side of the development. The exclusive, architect-designed community is generating a lot of buzz […]

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No For Sale Sign Over There on Alva Court: T. Boone Pickens and Lovely Wife Call it Quits

By Candy Evans / October 3, 2012 / 0 Comments

Yesterday came news, sad as I think it always is, that Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens are divorcing. They are one of the most charitable couples in Dallas, probably the world, and I cannot wonder if the Alva Court house will soon go on the market, though Norman Brinker stayed on in his Alva Court house even after the split with […]

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Inman’s Agent ReBoot Hits Austin, Tuesday October 4 – An Austin Real Estate Quiz

By Candy Evans / October 3, 2011 / 0 Comments

Inman’s Agent ReBoot is coming to Austin, tomorrow, Tuesday October 4. I have some hot free tickets for the first two people who can tell me two things:  1. The address of Rick Perry’s first home (in Texas) 2. What was Rick Perry’s capital gain on thr Austin lot he sold to Michael Dell? What, you […]

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