Our Splurge: Ray Chin with Hawaii Life has listed 972 Kai Hele Ku Place Apt A, Lahaina, Hawaii for $3,998,000.

Because life is better on the beach, right? According to a new study it is, and it’s increasing the life expectancy of Hawaiians like you wouldn’t believe! So much so, that we are using it as an excuse to feature two fantastic Hawaiian properties in our latest Splurge vs. Steal.

In 2016, a review in a respected medical journal found that Hawaiians had the highest life expectancy, averaging 81.3 years. As for other U.S. States? Mississippi had the lowest, clocking in at 74.7 years, respectively. Are you intrigued by this study?

This week we take you to Maui, also known as the second most visited island with around 2.4 million visitors each year. Would you ever consider settling down in paradise? Which will catch your eye, the stunner on 1.13 acres with ocean, mountain, and island views, or the condo with plenty of opportunities to gaze out on that Hawaiian beach?

Learn more about the study and check out our top Maui, Hawaii picks on SecondShelters now!


Tourism is up in Hawaii, almost cranked up to 2006 levels, which means the real estate buyers are not too far behind. In fact, they are starting to crawl all over this delicious property in Maui.

Maui — just hearing that word kind of soothes us on a Monday morning.

Now comes a beautiful resort and spa on Maui that offers the first whole home ownership in paradise in 25 years, Honua Kai. The stunning condominium residences are smack on that famed Ka’anapali Beach are full ownership, on forty of the most beautiful beach-front acres ever seen. Guess where the price tag starts? $494,500 I kid you not. All the details are over on SecondShelters… because I get to go kick the tires! 

Tourism is up in Hawaii, which is a very good sign for Hawaiian real estate. The number one reason buyers purchase a vacation home in any location is because they love it. It goes like this: visit the location, love it, feel like you never want to leave. This is the point where buyers start perusing the real estate and actually, finally, pulling out the checkbook.