Real Estate Story
Toor lockbox

Junior Desinor

The old-fashioned lockbox-on-the-door might become a thing of the past. Dallas Realtor and entrepreneur Junior Desinor has a new invention called Toor, billed as the world’s smartest lockbox.

Toor is a smart lockbox for real estate, Bluetooth- and cellular-enabled, that allows agents and buyers to request home showings with the push of a button on a custom smartphone app/ scheduling tool. Sellers are in control of access time to their property, down to the second, and they are notified when the lockbox is accessed. They can also review profiles of agents and buyers before accepting requests. Buyers can request access to properties, too, on their own, or by asking to meet a local agent.

“As a real estate broker now for many years, I was always in search for something that not only would make my brand unique but something that could transform the real estate industry as a whole,” Desinor said. “I was in a mindset to figure out solutions to every pain point in the real estate process and the answer always came back to access — so like a light bulb, I was looking at my lockbox and said, ‘Thats it.’ Then the lockbox concept was born.”

Desinor launched Toor on Kickstarter in March 2016, and in just over 30 days they pre-sold over 500 lockboxes and raised more than $100,000. The lockboxes will officially deliver and go on sale in January of 2017 and Desinor now has pre-orders from large distributors for over 20,000 units. The feedback from across the country was enthusiastic, he said.

“We had agents, brokers, buyers, contractors, property managers, AirBNB hosts, and so many more pre-order our lockbox,” he said. “We cant wait to deliver this incredible product and service to the masses.”