Ashley Madison

Security and Anonymity Claims May be a Pinch Overstated!

The illicit affair website Ashley Madison was hacked last month which exposed the personal information, credit cards and email addresses of many of its 39 million users. The hackers said they wouldn’t release the data if Ashley Madison shut down. It didn’t, so they did.

Lawyers around the country are reporting an uptick in divorce-related calls from clients. Some receptionists are bearing the brunt of the calls as lawyers are in back-to-back meetings (in stark comparison to the client spouse’s back-to-front meetings).

While many will ultimately seek counseling (I’m sure couches will fill up quickly) and not divorce, the smarter ones will. After all, Ashley Madison isn’t about a regretful, intoxicated indiscretion. Ashley Madison is about paying a fee to schedule infidelity.

For those ultimately divorcing, family manses may pop onto the market as assets are split. However, cleaving a family in two will mean what was one home becomes two! For every divorce, one more homestead is created.

Cha-Ching on Realtor commissions, but yikes for buyers!

Want to check-up on a suspicious spouse? The complete data file can be downloaded here.

Of course the funny part is that Ashley Madison was embroiled in a lawsuit in 2013 over their creation of fake female profiles to give the illusion that there are ladies ready and waiting. In fact some estimate, 90 to 95 percent of the paid profiles are men. (The suit was filed because the profile creators claim carpel tunnel syndrome!)