Beverly Pitchford is this week’s Hot Property — Beverly is an agent with Briggs-Freeman who keeps Real Estate all in the family: she’s married to Joseph F. Pitchford, senior vice president Crescent Real Estate Equities, LLC, besides being beautiful, fun, & very sharp knows her right of way…

CD: So Beverly, your name sounds kind of familiar — aren’t you related to some handsome big real estate player over at Crescent? 

BP: You could say we are related — married ten years now!

CD: Awesome! So real estate is like all in the family!

BP:   Yes, and my mother was a residential agent when I was growing up in Chicago. I helped her update her 3-ring notebook of listings. I cannot even imagine transacting real estate that way today.

CD: Fellow Chicago girl! So do you and Joseph talk shop at home?

BP: Occasionally, but we prefer not to.

CD: Any ground rules?

BP: Yes… to speak only in generalities about sensitive business.  

CD: So when did you sign on at Briggs Freeman and why?

BP:  In March of this year, because Briggs-Freeman has a phenomenal marketing department and because of Robbie Briggs’ stellar reputation.

CD: How did you get started in Real Estate?

BP:  I first obtained my license when I began working as a right-of-way agent doing eminent domain work, but then I wanted to move into residential sales because of my love for homes.

CD: Whoa, hold on, what the hec is that?

BP: Right-of-way agents make offers to property owners to purchase a portion of their land, or maybe their entire property, to be used for public use and necessity. The government tries to avoid going to court for condemnation proceedings.  I will say that you do not make a lot of friends during the process!

CD: What’s your biggest sale ever?

BP: It’s always the next one!

CD: Where do you guys live — at The Ritz Residences?

BP:  Unfortunately, no, and I’ve asked Joseph to re-negotiate that one.

CD: So you live in North Dallas?

BP: Caruth Hills, in the University Park neighborhood.

CD: What’s your favorite neighborhood in Dallas and why…

BP:  I have two: Bluffview, for its topography, trees and winding streets, and Uptown because I love its energy and urban lifestyle.

CD: I know Real Estate is like a 24/7 career, but what do you guys do for fun on weekends?

BP: Ride bikes as a family when we can, go to the movies and dine, and spend time with friends.

CD: Do you have a second home?

BP: I’m still working on that!

CD: Tell me where your perfect dream second home location would be?

BP:  Colorado: it’s the perfect escape in the summer and its great for winter fun. Southern California would be another possibility.

CD: What kind of car do you drive?

BP: A zippy little BMW.

CD: Any other scoop you want to share…

BP: I am excited to be at our new Uptown office. Rumor has it  that Nick & Sams is extending their outdoor seating right in front of our windows and that we will have our own reserved table for dining with our clients!

CD: I’ll be there. But give me some dirt. On Joseph.

BP: Well, he’s made a list of “great books” to read, miles to bicycle, movies to see, and new restaurants to try, all before he turns 50 next year  it all chronicled in a spreadsheet!