Having a car can be expensive — beyond monthly car payments, there are costs associated with insurance, gas, oil changes, repairs, and parking. Even if you own a car, public transit is a great alternative means of commuting. You can avoid sitting in traffic and save on paying for parking in downtown Dallas. We’re featuring great apartments that are just a short walk from the closest DART station. These apartments will make your daily commute a breeze!


4910 Harvest Hill Front

Talk about unexpected! From the outside, I’d think 4910 Harvest Hill Road to be sedate and traditional, with some cream and blue upholstery, understated draperies, and maybe a kitchen with some white cabinets and a rather plain countertop.

4910 Harvest Hill Living

But I totally wasn’t expecting this! Check out the sleek, modern interior of this Inwood North Estates home! Lots of dark leather, and a streamlined kitchen if there ever was one, with tons of stainless steel and dark cabinets. It’s marketed by Dave Perry-Miller agent Laura Michelle for $425,000.

It’s a pleasant surprise, that’s for sure, and for a four-bedroom, three-bath ranch built in 1966, it’s very large and open. With more than 2,400 square feet, this home feels much larger than its footprint. That’s thanks to the vaulted and beamed ceilings in the living room, and the huge island in the kitchen.

4910 Harvest Hill Kitchen

I also love the angular shape of the kitchen counters and island, which is something you don’t see often. Most islands are rectangular or oblong, so this is somewhat of a treat! Another cool feature is the beautiful bar perpendicular to the island, sporting a wine cooler and mosaic backsplash.

4910 Harvest Hill Den

Much of the common areas in this home feel more like a lounge, but the master bedroom takes a much different turn. It’s a cozy 13×12, and the oversized furniture make it feel quite a bit smaller. Still, at least this bedroom has the same beautiful hardwoods that are underfoot throughout this home.

4910 Harvest Hill Master

But if you’re looking for a unique master bath, then you’ll love this one. The built-in cabinetry is fantastic — a great solution for finding a home for your huge collection of hair products (guilty as charged!). Not only that, but there’s also an expansive vanity that looks plucked straight from a salon!

4910 Harvest Hill Master Bath 1 4910 Harvest Hill Master Bath 2

The backyard of this home is spacious, and the covered rear porch is excellent for get-togethers. All in all, this home is a fabulous family property for those looking for updates and a convenient location.

4910 Harvest Hill Backyard

Inwood Group photoIt is no secret that the self-employed borrower is treated differently in today’s mortgage lending environment. But then, Inwood National Bank’s Mortgage Group is a different type of lender.

We recently closed on a loan after the original lender failed to meet the contract closing date. In fact, a week after the original closing date, one of the “Big 3” banks provided the borrower with a list of 23 additional conditions to be satisfied prior to approving the loan. Fortunately, his agent told him about Inwood National Bank’s mortgage group that specializes in self-employed borrowers and jumbo mortgages.

This borrower had worked in the same industry for 28 years, but like most business owners, had experienced large swings in income. Inwood was able to take a look at his income over multiple years, and not focus on just what happened during the recession.

The reality is we care more about the future, than the past. This does not mean we do every loan. We still have to document income, but we try to look at the big picture.

And here’s something you haven’t heard in a long time: Inwood National Bank’s mortgage group also prides itself in being able to meet short closing dates. During the month of July, for example, we closed several purchase loans in less than 15 days. (One of these loans was the example above.) Obviously to close this quickly, it takes a joint effort between the borrower, seller, and other parties involved. As a commercial bank, Inwood caters to self-employed borrowers and welcomes them with open arms AND popcorn.

As you may know if you are a regular reader of this blog, our market is hot. Our builders are busier than ever, and it is not uncommon for many homes to have back-up offers. What happens when the contract falls through because the buyer cannot obtain financing? The contract is null and the second buyer swoops in.

Inwood National Bank Mortgage pros also know how to make the close as simple as possible. We send closing instructions days in advance of a closing instead of hours before. This gives the buyer the ability to actually review their final settlement charges and be prepared, prior to showing up at the closing table.

In this active market, the ability to submit an offer without the contingency of selling an existing home has become increasingly important. Inwood offers buyers this with bridge loan financing. The ability to close quickly can mean the difference between a contract being accepted or not. Mortgage companies typically have to borrow money for every loan they fund, and that frankly hampers their abilities. As a commercial bank, Inwood has the flexibility to make loans that traditional mortgage companies cannot do.

We just like to lend money to good borrowers. At Inwood National Bank mortgage group, that is our job.

If you are looking for a high touch, personal and proficient streamlined mortgage process with trustworthy, experienced staff, contact Inwood National Bank’s mortgage group at 214-351-8730.

Who knows, you might walk out with a mortgage loan on your dream home?

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I sat down recently to talk with Becky Frey one of Briggs Freeman’s top sellers and a 30-year veteran of the real estate scene. An athletic, outdoors person, Becky is quick to tell you all the reasons she loves living in Dallas — an enthusiasm she shares with her customers when she matches them to their dream homes.

Where are you from?  I came to Dallas from a small town of about 7,000 people in Arkansas.  I was an excited young student at SMU who found lots of reasons to stay.

Where is home for you in Dallas?  I love my home in Devonshire. It is a traditional home with an eclectic mix of antiques and contemporary art and furniture.

And you drive a … let me guess, Mercedes Benz? My three dogs and my cat who thinks she’s a dog need lots of room when we travel, so I have a Mercedes SUV. Plus, I compete in triathlons so I need room for my bike, too. Oh … and my family!

What’s your favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why? Devonshire reminds me of a small town with its mix of houses big and small, its streets lined with huge, old trees and parks. It is a friendly neighborhood where you quickly know your neighbors. I enjoy walking over to Inwood Village for a movie, dinner or shopping. SMU and the Park Cities are nearby — and it doesn’t hurt that I can walk to the office!

If you were to move in Dallas, where else might you live? I enjoy the White Rock Lake area for many of the same reasons I love Devonshire — beautiful trees, a mix of home sizes and prices, lots of parks for the dogs, and bike and hike trails for me.

How the heck did you get started in Real Estate? I’ve been selling one thing or another since I was a little kid. I used to knock on doors to sell stuff, and I helped my father out at his hardware store. As a student at SMU, I was working retail and one day an agent for Ellen Terry came in to return something.  Before she left, I sold her a lot more.  She was so impressed with my salesmanship, the next day she came back and said, “I want you to meet Ellen Terry.”

I learned so much from Ellen over the years. I was with her until the mid 1980’s when I moved to Phoenix. I worked for Merrill Lynch Fine Homes and was an asset manager for the Koll Company where I over saw office, industrial and medical buildings. I came back to Dallas in 1990 and worked with Ellen Terry again and then David Griffin. I was on my own for a while and now I’m with Briggs Freeman. I love real estate. After more than 30 years, it still excites me.

What’s your best/highest sale? It is hard to say. I know you are asking about the money, but the best sale for me is about the homebuyers.  I have a young couple right now who are pregnant with their first baby and they are so excited to buy a home! This is what keeps me charged. I love to play matchmaker and find THE home for my customer. It is very important to me that the house match the buyer. When they say “It’s so perfect! It’s just what we were looking for!” then I feel incredible satisfaction and happiness. And that is my best sale … until the next one.

How quickly have you ever turned a house? A few hours. I’ve sold quite a few before they ever went on the market. When I understand what the buyer wants, and have a match in hand, it can go very fast.

How much did you sell last year? I’m on track to have my best year ever this year and last year was my previous best year. I have closed more than $400 million in sales since I started my career.

Secrets to marketing a house? I have a preparation process that I walk my sellers through that helps make sure the house is ready to sell. In addition, we have a marketing process for each house that makes sure the house gets maximum attention. The real trick to success in real estate, though, is being able to match the home buyer to the house and that comes from intuition and understanding people.

If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll … One of the goals on my bucket list is to be a school crossing guard. I would have a blast with the kids on their way to and from school. I’ve been a part-time personal trainer at the Cooper Aerobic Center in the past and would love to do that again. It would be fun to be a home builder one day.

Where is your second home? Right now we are looking for one in Crested Butte, Colorado. We love to fish, hike, bike, and play golf. Crested Butte is perfect for that. It was recently named one of the “10 Best Towns in America” by Outdoor Magazine.  When we close, we’ll send you a picture for Second Shelters!