Have You Planned Your Thanksgiving Tablescape?

By Leah Shafer / November 26, 2014 / 0 Comments

Tomorrow is the big day, and if you’re like me, almost all your thinking has been about the Thanksgiving meal itself: “Who likes what?” “How long does that bake?” And “how many pans can I fit in the oven at once?”    But a holiday meal should please the eye as well as the belly: It’s […]

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They Didn’t Put That Photo in MLS, Did They? Oh Yes, They Did

By Candy Evans / December 15, 2011 / 0 Comments

Found this on the fun Houston Real Estate blog called Swamplot, one of my favorites, and to whom I look for inspiration. This gorgeous photo really shows the home, and the owner, at their very best, don’t you think? What’s that saying: you snooze, you loose? Don’t forget to send in fun, horrific house photos […]

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