Ice tree on car E DallasThe latest estimates put it at 20,000 plus in Dallas and Collin Counties. That would include our Executive Editor, Joanna England, and frequent contributor Karen Eubank, both of whom live in East Dallas. Jo has been texting me since her house went cold Friday. She says “this photo is two streets over from me. We are finally seeing more Oncor and Alabama Power trucks in our area.” I’m sure Jo will be figuring out just what the hell took Oncor so long to get some parts of town power, soon as her fingers thaw.

Alabama Power? Does this mean Oncor had to call in for support? Parts of our ‘hood just got power — or “went hot” as the Oncor dudes put it —  last night. When I asked them why the selective service, they pointed to a bunch of trees weighing down some lines.

Kind of like this tree weighed in on this truck.

Also, I was at an open-house yesterday at a home with a metal roof. Looks to me like the ice was melting down in sheaths! I have so many questions for our CandysDirt Approved Builders I will keep them busy all month long… a sampling:

1. How much ice can a typical Dallas roof hold? That stuff is heavy.

2. I know this happens once a year, but maybe we do need heated front sidewalks, especially for elderly residents? My front walkway still looks like a slip and slide.

3. Can gutters withstand the weight of the ice?

4. What’s a better roof for ice, metal seamed or composition?

5.  What’s the best insulation for days like this?