981 Davis Drive Buckhead

I have just learned that Al III and Erin have up and moved the fam to Atlanta. The most expensive home sold in Atlanta year to date, 981 Davis Drive, former home of Walter Reames, is now their family home, um, make that estate. Georgeous digs! At $9 million, it is the largest 2011 sale so far in Atlanta. The previous owners were Amanda and Walter Reames, an investor and partner in Atlanta Capital Management. Erin, a former Miss Georgia, is originally from Calhoun, Georgia.

According to Real Vinings/Buckhead:

More interesting to me is the purchaser.  My son had a new girl in his class at Westminster at the beginning of the year and she hadn’t been on the new student list that was published a couple of weeks before, so now in hindsight I think it was a last minute addition based on the closing of this property.  Turns out the new little girl now lives in this house!

At first I didn’t make the connection, but upon receiving an email a week or so ago it dawned on me who the family was: Erin Nance Hill and Al Hill III.

The best way for me to explain who purchased the house is for you to read a Vanity Fair article yourself.  The Hunt family in Texas is one of the wealthiest families in America and unfortunately they’ve had their share of family issues.Erin Nance Hill is from Calhoun, GA, and has family here and was 1993 Miss Georgia, so it’s not a surprise that she wants to raise her children here as well.  Atlanta is a great town for many reasons and we are thrilled to welcome The Hill Family to Atlanta and to Westminster!  Erin was a well-known socialite in Dallas and was single-handedly responsible for raising almost $1 million for charity during her time there.

Stay very tuned. I am heading out for a luncheon and interviews, back to this later.

I’m working on a piece on the Crescent Hotel, so you may get some tidbits. Today, Mrs. Hunt told me that it took longer to remodel her neighbor’s home than it did to build the Crescent. She also wants it known it was her immediate family, that is, her sons Stephen, David, Bunker and Patrick and daughter Laurie conceived of the idea for the Crescent at it’s location. Which was genius. It was a total family affair! Mrs. Hunt was the one who had the foresight to buy up as much land as possible. She told me she thought about Chicago and the Gold Coast and how population moved northward along the lake. And hearing her say that was just music to a Chicago-girls’ heart.

However, I am now a reborn Texan!

Steve Brown did a great job reporting and writing on the Crescent’s history, subscription req.