I sometimes refer to our current home as “the nightmare house.” Since moving in a year ago, the list of expensive (and downright gross) repairs we’ve had to undertake is the stuff of bad dreams. But that’s really all hyperbole. Singed electrical boxes and floors that reek of dog urine are not my actual nightmare. Know what is? Finding a body in the walls. And if you, like my husband, think that’s an absurd nightmare to fixate on, I bring you this story out of the Houston Chronicle.

In 2015, the bank foreclosed on a home that had fallen into disrepair and within days, its 61-year-old owner, Mary Cerruti was declared missing. Fast forward to March of this year, when a new couple moved into the 1930s home and began their renovations. That’s when they found Mary Cerruti’s eye glasses – and her bones – inside one of the home’s attic walls. Cue the screeching horror movie music! Ree ree ree!


The HUD Emergency Homeowner Loan Program,  designed to provide mortgage payment relief to eligible homeowners experiencing a drop in income of at least 15% directly resulting from involuntary unemployment or underemployment due to adverse economic conditions and/or a medical emergency, for folks earning up to $75,000 a year is a really good deal but guess what? It ends today. Or in 24 hours. Here’s a link if you want to get in, good luck!
And from one of my favorite real estate sites, CURBED, comes a really great restaurant and food review site called Eater Dallas — launches today. I totally agree with the writer of this Houston Chronicle piece: Curbed and Eater founder Lockhart Steele’s name must be a pseudonym. I have known Lock for a while now and he is a delightful man… for someone who went to Brown. Houston was pissed that Eater launched Dallas over the Bayou City — so they complained. Wahhh! Eater goes live today in Dallas, Houston and Atlanta.