Homestead Exemption

Title Tip: Texas Homesteads And Judgment Liens

By Lydia Blair / July 30, 2019 / 1 Comment

It’s Homestead, Sweet Homestead in the State of Texas. Our Texas constitution can help prevent Texans from becoming homeless if they are in a financial bind. Texas homestead protection laws guard your homestead against foreclosure by judgment creditors such as credit card holders, bill collectors, or winning parties in lawsuits. This special protection from creditors […]

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Stop Everything: Have You Filed Your Homestead Exemption?

By Bethany Erickson / April 28, 2019 / 0 Comments

  Easter is over, but we’re going to quote a rabbit anyway — if you’re waiting to file your homestead exemption for your property taxes, you may find yourself late, late, for a very important date.

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Title Tip: How to File For Your Homestead Exemption

By Contributor / January 8, 2019 / 0 Comments

By Lydia Blair Special Contributor A reader writes: “I bought a home in 2018 and my taxes are escrowed by my mortgage company. How do I get a homestead exemption to get a discount on my taxes? Do I need to repeat the process every year? How much does it save me?” You most definitely […]

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Title Tip: Solicitations And Scams After Buying a Home

By Contributor / February 7, 2018 / 0 Comments

By Lydia Blair Special Contributor After the paperwork has been signed and you’ve been handed the keys, there are plenty more expenses involved in moving into your new home — packing supplies, connecting utilities, hiring movers, new appliances or furnishings, etc. However, there are certain costs after buying a home that new homeowners should not […]

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Property Tax “Postlets” Are Out, but Only For Non-Homestead Exempted Properties

By Candy Evans / October 15, 2015 / 0 Comments

Comes word from our on-staff Tax Doctor, Rob Wheelock, of Property Tax Managers, that it’s that time of the year AGAIN: property tax appraisals. 2015 Property Tax Statements are usually mailed out starting the first week of October, and they have been for all non-homesteaded properties. But the Dallas County Appraisal District is holding back […]

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What States Have the Most Unfair Tax Systems? You’ll be Surprised by the Answer

By Joanna England / September 21, 2015 / 1 Comment

Wallet Hub did a very interesting analysis when it comes to the various tax systems employed by individual states in the nation. Come to find out, Texas’ tax system, which relies heavily on property taxes to fund our government services, is rated as one of the most unfair tax systems. Of course, after our recent […]

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