We love getting vacation and second-home photos from readers, especially the unconventional. A loyal reader sent us his photos of Christmas lights from Oslo, Norway, which gets only 5 hours of sunlight on the clearest days in December.

I know you are out there shopping, looking for bargains. If you are looking to fluff up your home — somehow, the holidays always make us realize what interiors we need to spiff up —  head over to one of my very fave stores,  Mark Lafferty’s Gallery Interiors at the southwest corner of Preston Road at Royal Lane. Mark is having a “January end-of-the-year clearance sale”. That is, he is clearing out merchadise (holiday and other) at some pretty racy prices! (Mark, does your wife know you are doing this?) Some merchandise is marked 30% to 40% OFF and this is the best time ever to pick up holiday decorations for NEXT year.

(My mantra: never pay retail for holiday decor!)

Pop into Gallery Interiors, say hi to Mark, and then tell everyone how organized you are already starting Christmas 2012!