James Bohan-Pitt and Clay Stapp launched HipPocket, an app that connected Realtors to off-MLS listings, in 2015. The company will close at the end of this month.

We got tipped off by a reader that HipPocket, the tech start-up brought to the market by pioneering broker Clay Stapp and his business partner, James Bohan-Pitt, will soon close. In a message to users and clients of the site, Stapp and Bohan-Pitt said that the company, which was launched give agents and brokers a different platform to market and ask for properties in high-demand markets.

“Unfortunately we will be closing HipPocket officially on August 31st 2017,” Stapp and Bohan-Pitt said in the message to users. “Even though the evolution of HipPocket into an intelligent collaboration platform was sound, we have been unable to secure new financing to build HipPocket 2.0 and our brokerage subscriptions have not reached a level that we can maintain the business long term.”

The platform, which was available in the Apple iTunes store, came on the market with a bang in May of 2015. Users that have any questions or concerns about the closure of the company have been asked to contact support@hippocket.com.


Hip Pocket

Nice piece of reporting in this D CEO piece by Phil Harvey who tries to tell us how the search for real estate has changed over the last 40-50 years:

Fifty-one years ago, if you were looking for a new home, you had to get in your car and actually go look for one. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) surveyed homebuyers in 1964 and found that about 40 percent said they read the newspaper for home listings, and 7 percent drove through neighborhoods looking for “open house” or “for sale” signs.

In 2015, my homebuying experience began with a visit to the app store. My wife and I downloaded apps, looked at photos, bookmarked homes we liked, and used Google Maps to tour neighborhoods.

NAR survey data shows that these days, more than 40 percent of consumers looked online first when trying to find a home. But even with all the technology at our fingertips, homebuying can still be a confusing process, and real estate agents are very much in demand—especially in a hot market like Dallas-Fort Worth. 

That 40% is an interesting statistic, because I have read that it is closer to 90%. Of course, we have been all about the digital experience with real estate here at CandysDirt.com (and our sister blogs) since the very beginning of digital time. Thus I found the article a wee bit amusing, but informative:James and Clay (more…)


I had to come to San Francisco, had to see them for myself. Eight years ago I attended this conference by mistake, and it made me to see the writing on the wall not only in real estate, but print journalism. This is the conference that inspired me to start a blog called DallasDirt and, ultimately, my own CandysDirt.com. And here we are.

So it was very cool to see one of the Golden Guys of Dallas real estate, Clay Stapp, standing tall in Start-Up Alley with his partner, James Bohan-Pitt, rocking it at Real Estate Connect 2015 and showing off HipPocket. Connect is the industry’s premier tech event of the year, and it gathers top agents, brokers, mortgage companies, industry leaders, inspiration and ideas from the best and brightest (Spencer Rascoff to Ryan O’Hara to Barbara Corcoran to Pete Flynt to Guy Kawasaki) with a focus on technology. Because technology is what has traumatized changed the industry. Entrepreneurs from across the spectrum display their latest tech inventions to make agents’ and brokers’ lives easier and yeah, to maybe catch the attention of some Silicon Valley seed money.

But there is always a twist: (more…)

983 Sylvania Front

983 Sylvania was taken to the studs and rebuilt into an LEED Gold masterpiece by D’J Perkison. But how do you find the right buyer for such a unique home? All photos by MetroplexHD.com

There are a few Dallas homes that are so unique that they earn a permanent spot in the bit of our brains exclusively wired for real estate. For me, this Eastwood midcentury modern that was completely re-imagined by architect D’J Perkison is one of those homes. You probably had the distinct pleasure of touring this East Dallas marvel at 983 Sylvania during this year’s White Rock Home Tour and thought, “What a wonderful way to breathe new life into an outdated home!”

And that’s just the reaction Perkison, founder of Studio Perk, was hoping for. When she bought this home with her husband and set upon remodeling it, the goal was to use only the most sustainable materials possible. The results were stunning, of course.

983 Sylvania Living