baby chasers

Photo courtesy Pixabay

It may not be a new phenomenon exactly, but grandparents making big moves to be closer to grandchildren have a relatively new term — “baby chasers.”

In fact, real estate research firm Meyers Research recently released its Meyers Baby Chaser Index, which indicates that 25 percent of Baby Boomers will likely retire to be near their grandchildren, even if it requires a state switch.

Dallas, the firm said, was at the top of the list, along with Charlotte, North Carolina; Austin; and Nashville, Tennessee. “Dallas’ growth decelerated in the latest data for both age groups but remains among the highest in the country,” Meyers said. (more…)

Happy Grandparent’s Day! What’s better than having a grandparent in your family? Having them close by! Dallas has tons of condos that are perfect for grandparents that want to downsize but not down-style.

1. 3535 Gillespie Unit 201

This 2/2.5 condo in the Plaza One building has grandparents written all over it! With a good-sized terrace with great views, grandma and grandpa will be able to live up their retirement! It’s priced at $450,000, and if you’re a good negotiator you might be able to get the gorgeous furnishings, too!

2. 2801 Turtle Creek Blvd. Unit 1W

I love garden-level units because that means less time in an elevator and more time inside the sumptuous interiors of this $2.75 million, 4,562-square-foot condo inside the Mansion Residents. While it technically might not be “downsizing,” the maintenance is taken care of by the expert staff at what is considered one of the most exclusive buildings in Dallas.

3. 3225 Turtle Creek Blvd. Unit 701 A

With great views of Turtle Creek, I was surprised that this condo inside The Renaissance was priced at the lower end of the spectrum at $325,000. The bathroom is just to die for, too, and this condo was completely renovated, so there won’t be much maintenance for grandma and grandpa, either!