Photo: Dallas Police This porch thief last year was caught thanks to security cameras.

Photo: Dallas Police
This porch thief last year was caught thanks to security cameras.

Noelle Dixon is already down a couple of gifts thanks to package thieves that hit her Lakewood-area home last night and absconded with a shirt for her and a shirt for her daughter. Last year, thieves hit several locations, including homes in Midway Hollow, where two thieves were caught after they tried to pawn the items they stole.

“It happened tonight around 8:30 p.m.,” she told me last night. “We are filing a police report and posting a sign for all deliveries to ring the doorbell.”

And that’s a good idea, according to most every expert I’ve asked this week.  For instance, University Park’s Crime Prevention Officer Lita Snellgrove said that while they have not had any reports of package thefts so far, “many cities are already having problems.” An ounce of prevention, Snellgrove explained, can really lessen your chances of having those holiday gifts stolen off your porch. (more…)

plano arts district

An artist’s rendering of the soon-to-be-renovated Saigling House, which will be the new permanent home of ArtCentre Plano. This will be part of the new Plano arts district in the historic downtown area. Photo: Suzy Sloan Jones

Downtown Plano has gone from sleepy suburb center to bustling business and cultural area over the past decade. Now the city is looking to create an official arts district in its historic 80-acre downtown.

The downtown area has already seen over 50,000 square feet of private development, including more than 1,100 urban apartments built or approved, and the restoration of historic commercial and civic buildings. Multiple art galleries, shopping spots, and restaurants draw people of all ages to the area. An official arts district will is the next step to encourage business and job development, create a tourist and resident destination, and foster local cultural development.

“It’s the right move, especially with all the growth in Plano,” said Suzy Sloan Jones, executive director of the ArtCentre of Plano. “With Toyota, Liberty Mutual, and FedEx headquarters moving to this community, those people will be looking for things to do with the arts.”