That pretty lady in pink hugging on the Dave Perry-Miller agents is none other than Elaine B. Agather,  chairwoman of the Dallas region for JPMorgan Chase Bank, one of the most powerful women not just in Dallas but in the U.S banking and private investment world. Elaine stopped in to keynote DPM’s 3rd quarter breakfast meeting at the Dallas Country Club Thursday morning and got a standing ovation! She was also duly impressed by the number crunching that had the room floating with a lot of “B’s”. For BILLIONS!

“I’m a numbers girl,” she said, ” and I’m impressed.”

The Dave Perry-Miller luxury division of Ebby Halliday Realtors sold $2,210,304,000 of Dallas real estate fiscal 2015 which ended September 30. That’s a 25% increase over last year’s numbers and represents 3600 units of real estate traded. The one billion dollar mark was reached June 27. Ebby Halliday sold $7.7 billion by end of third quarter, and DPM’s sales are responsible for almost 30% of that $7.7 billion.  DPM is rocking it as # 1 in Preston Hollow, Lakewood and Uptown. The firm closed 254 houses that were prices over $1 million, just shy of $500 million in sales. They sold 60 houses over $2 million, and 19 houses over $3 million.

And lest you think it’s hard to move the “uber megas” priced at $10 million and over, well, it is but! Dave Perry-Miller moved a number of those, including Justin Leonard’s house in Highland Park (the most expensive sale in the Park Cities to date) and brought the buyer for Troy Aikman’s house. Boy do those DPM agents have mega-bucks buyers wanting to snap up athlete’s homes, which is not a bad thing with the market getting a bit tighter on the uber end. DPM is also number 1 in Lakewood/East Dallas, Preston Hollow/North Dallas, and Uptown/Turtle Creek.

“Not bad for a guy who came to Dallas with a nice watch, $167 in my pocket, and a good education.” says Dave, who became good friends with Elaine Agather and her husband, Neils, when he sold their M Streets home for $175,000.

Not bad for a luxury real estate brand that started with 22 agents 8 years ago! (more…)