JEE-O’s Pure wall mount faucet

“There are two things that Jack Bauer never does. Show mercy and go to the bathroom.”

Kiefer Sutherland

In light of Hurricane Harvey, I thought we’d explore some of the better, less overwhelming aspects of water.  The first (OK, second) place we encounter water each day is our bathroom faucets. It should be functional, sure, but it should also be a beautiful way to kick off the day.

Faucets have long been my weakness since seeing Kallista ads in Architectural Digest in the 1980s (yes, I was that kid). Since then, as I renovate homes, I take special fun in picking really great faucets.  Sometimes I buy them in strange and exotic places like eBay, but I always get a deal.



When it comes to renovation, there’s no substitute for planning.  As a serial renovator, my flavor of planning might be called “hoarding” by the uninitiated.

You may recall back in October 2015 I wrote about some interesting bathroom fittings. Two of which were the Hansgrohe Starck Axor V faucet and the Dornbracht Deque faucet.  I salivated that one day … one day I’d be able to afford to add them to my stable of piece parts for use in an unknown, but assured, future renovation project. The Deque listed for $1,700 while the Starck Axor V weighed in at just over $1,400 … each.

I got ‘em.




“I wanted to build a Spanish-classic-modern-style home that blended rustic wooden elements with sleek metal,” said  Juani Longhi. “From the moment I saw the property in Bluffview, I knew it was where I wanted to raise my family. This is truly my dream home.”

Longhi, who purchased the lot 15 years ago, spent six years planning and two years building this magnificent estate at 4512 Bluffview Boulevard. It was completed in 2013 and as is with life, opportunity knocks, you move across the country to dream new dreams, so Longhi’s  five-bedroom, five-bathroom dream home can now be your dream home.