Greek Revival
If you have been in Dallas for a while, you know this Greek Revival mansion, and you certainly know the name, Rita Crocker Clements. Newcomers might need a small history lesson, so let’s begin. Rita was a smart, strong, savvy, sophisticated woman that never forgot her ranching family roots. She was an active volunteer not only in politics but also in her community. To say she was a mover and a shaker is to put it mildly. (more…)

Baby Briggs So Robbie Briggs had a pretty amazing few days about a week ago. He landed the plumb marketing exclusive for Museum Tower. Then he attended the tasteful, elegant soft opening of MT with his wife, Nancy, walked to the symphony from MT, then had dinner at Stephan Pyles, where they ran into some friends.

“The evening gave me a real feel of what living in the Arts District is all about,” Robbie told me.

That’s not all it gave him! Early the next morning, Robbie and Nancy found out they were  grandparents!

This is Joel Ethan Briggs, born January 11 at 6;21 a.m. at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. The little angel came in at 6 lbs. 13 ounces and very healthy!

So what does this have to do with Museum Tower and Dick Bass? Well, they have something in common: they are grandparents who like to live high!

Alan Peppard’s round up of the Museum Tower opening in the Dallas Morning News revealed that Dick Bass and his wife, Alice, have bought at Museum Tower. Dick and Alice’s daughter Barbara Bass Moroney is married to Jim Moroney, publisher and CEO of The Dallas Morning News. They have five children.

I guess Dick loves that MT is so high, taller than the originally planned 20 stories. This man loves heights. He is the first man to climb the highest mountain on every continent, which he wrote about in his book, Seven Summits. Bass was 55 when he reached the top of Mount Everest in 1985,  making him the oldest to reach the top. Hmmm, 55 in 1985 makes him, what, 83 today? Doesn’t look a day over 60. He’s in great shape because of those heights. Bass is the founder and owner of the Snowbird Ski resort outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, where my family skied for years and still one of my favorite slopes anywhere. We were there once when Bass was skiing, and he was charming. He also once had some ownership in Vail and a home there.

Well, I had to ask Robbie: are you and Nancy thinking of moving into Museum Tower?

“It’s very tempting,” said Robbie. “I haven’t really looked at it for myself, for us, but I’m planning to do that pretty quick.”

Robbie has a home in Maine, not too far (I hope) from our family beach house up there.

“We’re not moving back into a house with our sites on spending time up in Maine,” he said. “I think being down there in the Arts District with grandchildren would be a great place for enjoying them and giving them culture!”

The role of a grandparent, said Robbie, among many is to bring culture to your grandchildren. Mom and dad may try, but they are usually pretty busy.

This is a great thought, actually: my in-laws gave my children all those “cultural extras” — boat trips, historical excursions, museum visits galore from Portsmith, N.H. to New York City and even in Dallas when they visited. And years ago, my mom took my kids to Chicago’s attractions when she still lived there. This is a great role for a grandparent and certainly living in the Dallas Arts District would be like having a playground of culture and art for your grandchildren that would be inexhaustible: theater times three, shows, music, the Nasher (yes, the Nasher), the DMA, and the Perot Museum of Natural Science all within walking distance!

So maybe that’s Museum Tower’s latest bumper sticker: Buy a Condo in the Dallas Arts District and Be The Grandparent You’ve Always Dreamed of Being: Perfect!