Lake Highlands Home Tour

The Lake Highlands Home Tour is coming up on Saturday, and as a veteran of home tours, I can tell you this one is a must not miss. Here is a sneak peek at a storybook cottage you’ll never forget.

Emily Hewett has been an interior designer for 17 years. As the owner of A Well-Dressed Home, she knows full well what a home tour entails because she’s helped plenty of clients prep for them. So, hats off to Hewett, as she still volunteered to be on the tour!

The Hewett’s home was built in Lakewood in the 1940s and moved to 7915 Forest Trail in Lake Highlands sometime in the 1970s. For someone to make that sort of effort to save a home makes us love it even more.

Lake Highlands Home Tour


300 Crestwood Dr.

Let’s play a word association game.

“Designer’s Home.”

Or more ominous yet, “Completely Updated.”

Beginning to have that sinking feeling? Add into the mix a lovely vintage house in a pedigreed neighborhood and you are probably groaning “Dear Lord, what have they done to the place?

Tour 300 Crestwood Dr. and experience the delightful redress of having your negative fantasies nullified. In fact, this four bedroom, four-full-and-one-half-bath, house is nearly picture perfect in every way. (more…)

408 Virginia Place

What tempts one to stop and take a closer look? A pleasingly proportioned door frame encasing handsome iron doors? Lovely, soft pink brick walls supporting espaliered elaeagnus, carelessly festooned with strands of fig ivy? A deep setback defined by symmetrical hardscape? This beauty at 408 Virginia Place in choice Monticello has all of this, and yet its discreet, timeless profile arouses suspicion that much more may lie concealed beyond the courtyard gates.