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The temperature is dipping, and the leaves are falling. The maintenance you do for fall, however, is quite different from the maintenance required for winter.

And, of course, the myths are out there about cold weather lawn maintenance, too. So we reached out to a local expert —  Davey Devlin of Scapes Incorporated  —  to help us suss out what is true and what is false when it comes to keeping your lawn and landscaping healthy in the winter months.

“According to the Greek myth of Persephone, winter is a time of mourning and grief for the goddess Demeter who reigns over the harvest and agriculture,” Devlin told us as some background. “This time is represented in the form of dead plants and no growth, and while many of us embrace the barren trees and brown lawns of winter while we patiently await the regrowth of spring, it doesn’t have to be so bleak.”

“Although lawn care and maintenance may seem as foreign to us as Greek mythology,” Devlin said, it’s not as difficult once you clear up some misconceptions about Texas winter yard care. (more…)

overhead lines

Overhead lines may not be aesthetically pleasing, but they don’t seem to hamper home sales (Photo courtesy Pixabay).

They may be unsightly, but overhead lines are not really affecting property values, a trade journal said this week.

A peer-reviewed article in The Appraisal Journal revealed that there is actually very little data to prove that the high-voltage overhead transmission lines (or HVOTLs) are negatively impacting sales prices. (more…)