Electric gridNow for a bright Dallas Real Estate message from one of our readers, Dallas Realtor Lance Blann:

CANDY: I’ve met an appraiser on each of the past two days on listings about to close and there is a new appraisal item you need to know about. Please remind/instruct your sellers, agents or tenants, to leave the electricity ON until after the appraisal has been completed.

Why? There is a new guideline/requirement in place that requires the lights to be on during the appraiser’s visit. Especially for FHA appraisals.

If the lights are not on, this can cause your appraisal to be kicked back and delay closing. Underwriting may require the appraiser to come back out and take photos again after the electricity is back on. And they will charge a fee to return to the property also.

In the busier months, getting electricity service can take up to a week.

Two appraisers in the last two days have told me this, so I’m making this standard practice, and wanted your readers to be aware, too.

Thanks Lance!Lance Blann