Last December, Brittani Firestone turned in her police badge to embark on a career in real estate. The JP & Associates Realtor hasn’t looked back since.

“I’m really enjoying it. Every now and then, especially in the beginning, it’s been a little bit scary, but the business is coming along” she said. “I’ve gotten a lot of referrals from police friends and family, so that’s actually been quite nice.”

The idea of going into real estate has always been in the back of her mind. Firestone’s family has a construction business so she grew up around new homes. She also has a brother-in-law and a cousin in real estate well as an aunt who retired from it. Her wife is in commercial real estate, and has helped her immensely as she was getting started.

“I think overall it was an easier transition just because I did have someone at home to help me with questions and things like that,” she said.


We know the City of Dallas is aiming to strengthen its Citizens Police Review Board, the entity which examines alleged inappropriate police behavior within the Dallas Police Department against citizens.

In fact, I am fairly certain this is a done deal and will happen within the next two to three months.

Dallas City Council likes to tell citizens what they are going to do, before they do it, even though they know they are going to do it, under the guise of “informing”. And so the fifth in a series of public education meetings enlightened North Dallas Tuesday night at Gateway Church on Hillcrest Road at Willow Lane. The well-attended and, at times, contentious meeting, brought together three northern city council Districts (11, 12 and 13) as citizens voiced concerns over giving the board new teeth, subpoena power, creating a potentially political bureaucracy, and, as one attendee said, “insulting police by assuming that they are doing something wrong in the first place.”

In fact, we were told that Dallas has far fewer complaints against police than other cities of similar size, which the board said was because many people in Dallas are afraid to say anything negative about police. (I’m told that up until now, there has not even been a form to fill out.) Some at the meeting didn’t know the board even existed. The CPRB representative, Paul Hille, filling in for chair Dr. Brian Williams (appointed by Mayor Rawlings), had to explain to the large, mostly police friendly group, that not everyone considers the police friendly.

I daresay a vote for police pay raises in this group would have been a slam-dunk. (more…)


This woman — later identified as Kelli Russell by authorities — was the talk of Lakewood after security camera after security camera has caught her taking packages from porches.

Your boxes of dog poop are a little safer today — the Dallas County District Attorney’s office said the alleged Lakewood (and parts surrounding Lakewood) Porch Pirate has turned herself in to authorities and will be charged with theft.

A statement released by the DA today said that Kelli Renee Russell, 33, will be charged with theft over $2,500, which is a state jail felony carrying a maximum sentence of two years and a fine not to exceed $10,000.  (more…)


Today, the team of is trying to see the beauty in our city through teary eyes. Last night’s peaceful protest in downtown Dallas turned into an ugly, horrific scene, with gunmen taking their perverted sense of justice into their own hands and attacking the very Dallas Police Officers that were lining the streets, protecting their fellow citizens as they marched through the city against division, hate, and murder.

We want to take a moment to show our support for the families of the Dallas Police officers who were senselessly murdered last night. We also want to share our thanks and appreciation for these brave officers who put their lives on the line every day so we can be safe in our homes all over Dallas.

Thank you. We are praying for you. We are all #DallasStrong.

Several bike thefts happened in the Park Cities over the last week.

Several bike thefts happened in the Park Cities over the last week.

There was a lot of pedal pushing and finger pointing in Highland Park last week after several expensive bicycles eased on down the road.

  • Between noon on July 27 and noon on Aug. 3, four mountain bikes with a combined value of $21,500 were stolen from an attached garage in the 3600 block of Potomac Avenue. The victim is sure that his son, who was staying at the house while the victim was on vacation, must have left the garage open, but the son denies that. Two sets of golf clubs, a power washer, and a fifth mountain bike were all left untouched.
  • Between 9 a.m. on July 23 and 9 a.m. on July 29, a burglar stole three bicycles with a combined value of $4,050 from a detached garage in the 3800 block of Potomac Avenue. The victim said his family and various contractors may have left the garage open during the designated time span.
  • Between 8 p.m. on Aug. 1 and noon on Aug. 3, a burglar entered a detached garage in the 3800 block of Mockingbird Lane and stole two Specialized bicycles with a combined value of $1,472. An $850 47-inch Vizio television and a $350 Nintendo Wii were also stolen from an apartment above the garage. Both the apartment and the garage had been left unlocked. The victim said a friend’s son played video games in the apartment while the friend tended to the victim’s dog. But the victim took the high road and blamed neither of them.

Click through for more residential crimes reported in the Park Cities last week.


CBS 11 News

CBS 11 News

Seriously, some boomerang kids are probably better off with roommates instead of trying to move back in with their parents. Sure, not paying rent and having your mom fold your laundry sounds good at first, but some might chafe under the house rules.

In this case, that’s an understatement.