E. Lake Highlands Drive was washed over by the Dixon Branch as last night's storm caused flash flooding in areas throughout East Dallas.

E. Lake Highlands Drive was washed over by the Dixon Branch as last night’s storm caused flash flooding in areas throughout East Dallas. (Photo: Jo England)

The water flowed swiftly and steadily down the slope of Lake Terrace to E. Lake Highlands Drive, and on toward Dixon Branch, the nearby creek. The waters began to creep up over the banks, and then over the curb, and then covered much of the street. High water had come, but with more rain in the forecast could hell be next?

This wasn’t an uncommon theme last night, as several East Dallas residents dealt with flooding, especially those near creeks and ditches surrounding White Rock Lake Park. While flash flooding in Houston drove home the real danger of getting caught in rising water while in your car, what about those who had never imagined floodwaters invading their normally dry homes?

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A woman and two children inspect the flooded greenbelt at Lawther and Northwest Highway. (Photo: Jo England)

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Access roads from White Rock Lake to Buckner Boulevard were taped off by police as several inches of water covered them. (Photo: Jo England)

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An access road at Buckner Boulevard and Northwest Highway was still under several inches of water after last night’s storm. (Photo: Jo England)

That’s what had Lori Roberts terrified last night, as she watched the drainage culvert near her Casa View Haven home quickly become the kind of crested rapids that rafters love. But then it topped the concrete banks and crept up the street, and then up her driveway, and then perilously close to her home.


Big Tex in MaskThe nation’s first case of Ebola is here in Dallas, after a patient at Texas Healthcare Presbyterian was first seen, sent home, then returned to get a full-fledged diagnosis of Ebola. (Full disclosure: My husband is a physician on staff there.) The patient is now in isolation. Turns out that when he was sent home on Sept. 25 from his first visit to the Presby ER, armed with antibiotics aimed at treating a stomach virus or something, he may have infected others, including children. Including every one he came into contact with.

By the way, they have isolated a patient in Honolulu now, too. Get ready to be placed in isolation now if you go to the ER with a stomach ache and have recently travelled.

Now we hear that the Ebola patient may have been in contact with up to 100 people during the time when he should have been isolated. The Observer has the latest updates, and here is a decent piece from Politico on how the Ebola epidemic is about to get worse.  The New York Times reports on how he may have contracted the illness: he worked as a driver in Liberia, and he helped transport a pregnant woman in Monrovia, the Liberian capitol, who had Ebola, could not get medical care, and who later died.

Of course, at first they said Ebola was a wimpy virus that could not be airborne: now some are saying it may be.man sneezing, showing the spray of mucus and saliva that is potentially infectious (more…)