Reinvestment Fund’s Market Value Analysis of Dallas neighborhoods.

On Monday, the City of Dallas hosted the first of four virtual town hall meetings to gather community input for updates to its Affordable Housing Strategy. It comes less than two weeks after the Jan. 17 Dallas City Council briefing on a Market Value Analysis report by Reinvestment Fund, a nonprofit conducting this research and analysis for cities across the U.S. The data tool is playing a leading role in the development of the City’s new 3-year rolling strategy.

The technology used for the meeting was especially impressive. I’m a little concerned how the city had my number to begin with, but once I opted in by text, it was seamless. I received a call at the appointed time, watched at or on Facebook live, could easily ask questions, indicate I wanted calls for future meetings, and even submit my email for followup info – they hired the right consultants to put this together.

The three upcoming meetings will go a little more in-depth than the first topic, “How Residential Development Gets Financed”, or what I’d call “Introduction to the Housing Market.” (more…)


The future is bright for those of us who want a better, more sustainable wholesale option in Dallas, as the Dallas City Council voted 10-5 to approve $3 million in economic incentives to bring Costco inside the Dallas city limits. As Candy explained, the money will come from a public-private partnership fund that comes from your water bill:

It’s a pool of funds earmarked for Economic Development. The funds are actually generated from fees users of Dallas Water pay. The water department is a revenue generating operation for the city — the city charges the utility a fee in lieu of taxes. This money goes into the public/private partnership fund and can be used for whatever the City Council decides, in this case economic development.

For those of us that were so hopeful about Costco moving into the decaying eyesore that is the Steakley Chevrolet lot on Northwest Highway and Abrams, only to have those dreams squashed, this is great news. According to Costco’s own numbers, members who live south of LBJ will spend $40 million in their new store at Coit and Churchill Way. Just think of all of the Sam’s Club members that will jump ship, too. I know that I’ll be shopping at the new store once it’s constructed, and I’m not even a current wholesale club member!