KJ Custom Screens & Designs added 360 bug-free square feet to our house. We have another whole room, with solid floors and a hose.

“I think this is the smartest thing you have ever done,” he said to me.

This from my husband of 37 years. I have had two babies, raised them, helped him open countless medical offices, started a successful company, and run for Dallas City Council. Yet my husband swears that my idea to turn our porch into a screened-in paradise is the most brilliant idea I have ever had!

He is right. It is a screened-in paradise now, and a bug free paradise as well, all thanks to KJ Custom Screens & Designs. We built our house in 2000, and screened in porches were on my mind, but the technology was not there yet. We did build an expansive, covered porch off the breakfast room, complete with a real fireplace and grill. That porch has been the most used and probably most loved room in this house. It has held countless parties, and many late nights of memories for our kids as they conversed with friends, enjoyed the fireplace, and hung out. With a slate floor, I didn’t care about messes because they could be hosed down the next day. Research now shows that outdoor living is the highest priority on a home-owner’s list when they build a custom home. 

It’s just that nobody thinks about the mosquitoes.


Broken 7 SM

Replacing solid walls with glass separates while unifying

There’s a new design term percolating over from Europe called “broken concept.”  I think of it as open concept 2.0.

If the point of open concept is to remove all dividing walls to combine multiple rooms, Broken Concept is about achieving openness while retaining some separation. Think of it as a halfway point between individual rooms and complete open concept.

Some homeowners are realizing that open concept is OK when there are few people in a home but the more residents added, the more privacy decreases as intrusion increases.  There is a reason we all don’t live in wall-less communal studio spaces.  Maybe you’ve just had a spat and you need some physical separation to cool off. Or the more typical reader facing off against the sports fan.

But as we know, open concept does some things really well.  It’s great for entertaining groups.  It’s great for connecting the kitchen to the rest of the house.  It’s great for increasing light transmission.  It’s great for improving sight lines.  It’s great for making several poky rooms feel much larger and grander.