Floorplanet 1

I will never buy a home with a bathroom opening into a kitchen or dining room.  I will never buy a home with a fireplace in a corner, off-center or next to the front door.  I will never buy a home with an enclosed kitchen that can’t be opened, nor one requiring off-site laundry.  Deal-breakers — we all have them for every aspect of our lives.  I won’t date smokers or the tattooed.  I won’t buy a non-white car.  Of course my deal-breakers are someone else’s checkbox item.  One man’s trash … blah, blah, blah.

Agents, how many times have you shown a property, and within seconds heard “no” from a buyer? How much of your and your buyer’s time has been wasted getting to that visceral “no”? The home buying process has already been made more efficient by using the MLS and creating listings that offer pictures, virtual tours, room and lot dimensions, school districts, and the like.   So why doesn’t the average U.S. home listing include a floor plan while other countries do?

Oh, and it’s doubly maddening to see high-rise listings without a floor plan when all that’s typically required is a stop by the front desk to pick up a copy.

In order to move the needle a bit, I’ve looked into the costs and offers of three companies offering a floor plan creation service specifically for real estate agents. (more…)

Moving on up? Well, at least to Lovers Lane. Hot young Dallas agent Sam Sawyer has left Rogers Healy and Associates to join Briggs Freeman. Before he got a chance to sit at his new desk, or actually even FIND it, I had to ask:

CD: How many homes have you sold?

SS: Enough!

CD: What’s the most stressful part of negotiations?

SS:Explaining and negotiating a sub-par inspection report

CD: Your worst real estate nightmare?

SS: None, yet.

CD: Where do you live in Dallas?

SS: Townhouse in University Park.

CD: Price no object, where is your fantasy second home?

SS: Beaver Creek, Colorado

CD: What’s your fantasy car?

SS: Old school 1967 Chevrolet Camaro convertible – http://www.chevrolet-compares.com/2011/05/21/1967-chevy-camaro/

CD: What’s the best thing about moving to Dallas, like, what do you tell clients who are unsure of moving here?

SS: Dallas is a rapidly growing city with a lot of opportunity in our job market. It is also a great place to start a business, and Texas as a state has held up exceptionally well compared to other regions  around the country.