John and Leslie Enlow updated their Medford Ct. home with the help of architect Norman Ward creating a modern space in the 1950’s bungalow in Fort Worth. (Photo: Ralph Lauer)

We’re pretty excited about the AIA Fort Worth Homes Tour this weekend, as it features some lovely homes in some of our favorite areas of Cowtown. From Park Hill, Ridgelea, and Overton Park to the Cultural District and beyond, this year’s tour offers so many great homes to ogle. 

And here at, we’re giving you a chance to see these gorgeous and innovative homes for free! Want to win tickets to this year’s AIA Fort Worth Homes Tour? Find out how after the jump!


John and Leslie Enlow updated their Medford Ct. home with the help of architect Norman Ward, creating a modern space in the 1950s bungalow in Fort Worth. (Photo: Ralph Lauer)

If you think Cowtown is full of milquetoast architecture, you’ve obviously never been to the annual Fort Worth AIA Home Tour. This year’s event, slated for April 7-8, features some intensely creative homes in some of Fort Worth’s most desirable neighborhoods. 


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Russ through a Creative Commons license

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Russ through a Creative Commons license

Cowtown has new braggin’ rights: the U.S. Census Bureau says they were the fastest-growing big city in the nation between 2000-2013. Fort Worth population saw a 42.34 percent increase in that time. Dallas lagged far behind, coming in at 24th.

The 2010 Census count for Fort Worth put the number of residents at 741,206. Compare this to a population of 534,694 just a decade earlier.

Fort Worth is the 17th-largest city in the country, and the fifth-largest city in the state of Texas. Jump to read more!  (more…)

Maybe it’s just me, but how can you compare Dallas and Fort Worth without talking about the dirt, Thrillist? Seriously!? After reading two bartenders, one each from Dallas and Fort Worth, verbally slug it out over which city deserves top billing in North Texas, I was remiss. Sure, the beer, the culture, and the music is great, but don’t you want to know which city’s real estate reigns supreme?

Me, too, folks. Me, too. That’s why I decided to do a little “What You Get For The Money, Dallas vs. Fort Worth” edition. Of course, we welcome your comments on why either city is head and shoulders above the other.


Dallas $100K

Dallas: The selection at $100K in Dallas is a lot leaner than Fort Worth, but we chose 3008 Royal Lane for its North Dallas location and 4/2 spread. It’s close to shopping and schools, and less than 20 minutes from downtown.

100K Fort Worth

Fort Worth: 7637 Blue Carriage Lane is a traditional with potential in Cobblestone Square on the west side of Fort Worth. Among the skads of Fort Worth listings at this price, this 3/2 has a huge lot, but you’re kind of far from the city center, if that’s important to you.


Dallas $500K

Dallas: At 6322 Goliad you’ll find an updated Lakewood Heights charmer that feeds into Robert E. Lee Elementary — an up and coming campus — and the acclaimed Woodrow Wilson High School. The home is cozy and adorable, with a kitchen you will swoon for. And it’s super close to downtown Dallas and tons of amenities.

Fort Worth $500K

Fort Worth: Close to Eagle Mountain Lake, but around 30 minutes from downtown Fort Worth, 3949 Stoneshire is a 4/4.1 home built in 2001. It’s beautiful inside and out with a pool, too. It’s listed for a reduced $504,900, which isn’t $500K, but it’s as close as we could get. It’s kind of remote, but if you’re shopping in Fort Worth, chances are you’re looking for size and privacy. This home fits the bill.

$1 Million

1504 Argonne Front

Dallas: We’ve already written about the one and only home listed for $1 million in Dallas1504 Argonne. It’s still just as cute today as it was when we first wrote about it. Why do we love this French Country cutie? Well, besides its Kessler Parks location, it has a huge wine cellar, an adorable master bath, and is anything but cookie-cutter.

Fort Worth $1M

Fort Worth: Finally a home inside 820, 3454 Lantern Hollow is a beautiful 4/5 in stately Overton Woods in southwest Fort Worth. It’s just as impressive from the curb as it is inside the front door, and it’s a huge value with 5,566 square feet and a three-car garage and a gorgeous pool.

So, readers, who wins? Big D or Cowtown? Vote with your comment below!