When Dennis Hammett sold this 9th-floor Warrington condo to Douglas Bradford, it was dated and closed-off. But the views, they were spectacular. Today it is a completely different high-rise unit.

Personally, this story just amazes me. Designer Douglas Bradford bought this 9th-floor unit inside the Warrington just last year. While the interiors were dated and the rooms closed-off, Bradford saw the potential in the size of the unit and the amazing views offered by the three over-sized terraces.

And now Ebby Halliday Realtor Dennis Hammett — the same Realtor who sold Bradford the unit — is listing it again. However, this is far from the same high-rise, as Bradford has taken the entire unit to the studs and made it a swanky, luxurious home that will impress.


Bradford wanted the kitchen to be the nexus of the unit, which completely transformed the feel of the space. Out came the peninsula and cabinetry.


This tub was replaced with a far more sophisticated version that will allow you to soak in the water and the views at once.

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Peeling, beige 1980s tile with thumb-width grout lines

Peeling, beige 1980s tile with thumb-width grout lines

In every other part of my home, there was zero I wanted to restore. Gut? Heck yeah! But not restore. It was closed off, boxy and an inefficient use of space. In addition, the original 1966 finish materials were, well … 1966 finish materials. Flocked and metallic wallpaper, crumbling cabinetry, age-stained tile, and crow’s foot plaster work coating … Every. Single. Wall. (A list of plaster texture horrors can be seen here)

So finally I have a restoration project: The patio! It was originally a beautiful 27’ long and 7.5’ deep open expanse until the previous owner cut it in two and enclosed half of it. The horrible, peeling beige-glazed tile with thumb-wide grout didn’t help.

After two years of penny-saving, the glass enclosure is now gone and the glass wall resealed. But this job almost didn’t happen.