Updating vs Remodel debate begins

2417 Boyd Avenue is an exquisite remodeled home in Parkhill…minutes from Colonial Country Club (photos: Tourmax)

We’ve discussed this before but it never hurts to bring it up again.  There is a difference between “updating” and “remodeling.”

To this Bowtie Realtor, “updating” is doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Maybe it’s not the bare minimum, but it’s certainly not going full-blown remodel.  Repainting a few rooms or cabinets, sprucing up the yard or changing fixtures — that’s what I would call updating.

To the left is the kitchen circa 2012. To the right is the remodeled kitchen, complete with  Viking appliances, Restoration Hardware fixtures, and all the trendy colors of today

Remodeling is where you nearly take the home apart and bring it back to life again.  New materials, new rooms, new everything — that’s what I would call remodeling.  Just wait to see the Tarrant County Tuesday home and you be the judge.


How would you like to watch one of the world’s top golfers sink a winning putt from your bedroom? This Fort Worth dream home is not only in the perfect location for that, it places at the top of the leaderboard in style.

Just wait until you see inside this home fit for a PGA pro listed with John Zimmerman of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International.


Gold Coast Publishing claims that your advertisement will be featured in the "exclusive business and services directory" in these magazines, which are distributed to local country clubs. The only problem is that the country clubs don't have an agreement with Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Publishing claims that your advertisement will be featured in the “exclusive business and services directory” in these magazines.

Have you received an email or telephone solicitation from Gold Coast Publishing in the last few months asking you to advertise in one of the company’s service directories? The company alleges that, for a fee, you can have your business heralded in their annual business directory that is distributed directly to members and guests at four “exclusive” Fort Worth country clubs.

The only problem is that those four country clubs say they have never heard of Gold Coast Publishing, a Boca Raton, Fla.- based company with some telling Yelp reviews.

“We do not have an agreement with Gold Coast Publishing,” said Colonial Country Club member services director Alexis Groesch. “Because we are a private, member-owned club we do not do any outside advertising.”

When I pressed, Groesch said that Colonial had never been contacted by Gold Coast Publishing before, and if Realtors see the club’s name on any advertisements, it’s most certainly a scam.

“Unfortunately, they are using our name without permission,” said Ellen McEwen, Diamond Oaks Country Club director of marketing and membership sales. “We’ve had other companies ask if we were affiliated.”