When real estate agent Crystal McDowell went missing, the community, still suffering from Hurricane Harvey’s wrath, responded in masse. Watch as 48 Hours digs deep into the story tonight. (Courtesy Photo)

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, first responders were left scrambling to help evacuate neighborhoods and keep some sense of order in the enormous city. But that didn’t keep police from searching for Crystal McDowell, a divorced mother of two, who was last seen leaving her boyfriend’s home on the morning of Aug. 25. McDowell was supposed to pick up her children, who were staying with her ex-husband, Steve McDowell. Steven said that Crystal never made it there.

Crystal, a real estate agent with Virginia Malone & Associates (her family’s brokerage) and devoted mother, was well known and loved on social media. Her disappearance triggered a huge response, with people searching for her despite the record amounts of rain and flooding throughout Baytown, where she lived, and the region at large. It’s a sad tale of double lives, jealousy, and the power of community, and you can see it all play out in 48 Hours‘ “Storm of Suspicion” tonight, Oct. 28, at 9 p.m. 


10647 Strait Lane 2008Not going to say anything here, obvi, except that I hope y’all have a nice day. And that James “Rusty” Tucker is the guy Dr. and Mrs. Malouf bought (what used to be) the home next door from.  This is what it looked like in 2008. Let’s just let Claire St. Amant over at CultureMap tell you all about it…

Candy and her crack legal team from Friedman and Feiger: Jason Friedman and James Bell

 Our embattled Candy has been on blog-lite these past few days, thanks to the Maloufs’ attempts to chill her free speech down at Dallas County Court at Law No. 3 in Malouf vs. Mary Candace Evans, Byron Harris and WFAA-TV and Laura Wilson.

Now that Candy and WFAA agreed to a temporary injunction wherein they cannot step foot on the Maloufs’ property, the parties are not scheduled back in court until September, when the trial is set to begin.

Several Dallas media outlets have been covering the temporary injunction hearings over the last few days. Claire St. Amant, managing editor of Culturemap Dallas, was down there for at least two days and we think she did the best overall reporting of facts. Anna Merlan of the Dallas Observer gets the prize for her description of Mrs. (“Lady”) Malouf and her husband: “Dr. Malouf is a tall, beaky man, who looked both weary and pissed off …” However, we think she missed the entire point of star attorney James Bell’s cross-examination, most likely because she wasn’t in the courtroom over the past few days.

In any case, both reporters missed the best line of the day: Dr. Malouf, a millionaire who owns a 30,000 square foot home on Strait Lane and a couple of private jets, claims he has suffered from the collective reporting on his backyard waterpark, saying he cannot get a job or rent office space because of it.

I want to alert you to something you probably already know: Dallas CultureMap is live and fabulous. The launch happened about the time of my son’s wedding, which gave us extra reason to celebrate. And you will be seeing some exclusive work from your’s truly over there, like this look at how high profile Dallas Divorce is affecting our real estate market. I dredged up six chi chi Dallas divorces and described where they live — in some cases, lived. (Do you really think it was the disco that caused the Peyton divorce?)  Gorgeous as those million dollar plus homes are, they were not enough to keep the I in “I do”. I also offered up five things to know about the Dallas real estate market, and some House Porn. And there is so much more where that came from!

The new Mrs. Walter Evans!

I LOVE CultureMap and you will too — it is what a real-time web magazine news source should be. My Houston friends RAVE about it, ditto Austin. There are gobs of great writers over there,  friends like Jennifer Chininis who runs the editorial show, Claire St. Amant who brought us that fabulous story on the you-know-what over at ESD — oh and Claire is totally keeping up with the next chapter in that saga, plus great scoop on Parkland Hospital. There is Rachael Abrams who does society and culture fabulously, Jonathan Rienstra who is soooo cute, Alex Bentley, Molly Cain social media guru, and my dearest Teresa Gubbins who is the best food critic in town. Teresa don’t like it, even Bree doesn’t eat it. Oh have you missed the sass of Merritt Patterson? Go bookmark CultureMap and check in every morning, noon and night, right after  CandysDirt.com. CultureMap will tell you everything you need to know about life in Dallas, from Frankford Road and north to Oak Cliff and Lancaster from a huge staff of talented, motivated contributors who will rock you with news and nitty gritty. Because you know, that’s what we are supposed to do!