The swimming pool. Wall mosaic depicts a fave northern family vacation spot.

It was like a coming out party this afternoon over at 3505 Turtle Creek Blvd. as every high end agent in town tossed on a fur wrap and checked out the former home of Bill and Margot Winspear. Mrs. Winspear now lives in a smaller unit in the same building. You cannot blame her: this one is 14,740 whopping square feet and they were not kidding when they said 24 foot ceilings! I got lost five times and felt like I was in a Matrix-like version of the game CLUE. For some reason, I kept wandering back into the Billiards Room.  Everyone marched through, from Claire Dewar and Nancy Holloway and the whole darn team, half of Briggs-Freeman Sothebys, Erin Mathews and David Nichols (air kisses!) Dawn Rejebian, Debbie Ingram, Katye Sloan, some of US led almost by the hand by listing agent Ralph Randall lest you (ME) get lost. These photos turned out better than I expected given the gloomy day, and Ralph promises o-quality photos soon. Overheard: “At this new reduced price ($6,695,000), whoever buys it is basically pocketing $4 million.”

Porcelain fish in the waterfall poolMedia RoomPool overviewThe dining room, well one of them

Mid century modern lovers, get your engines rolling! Consider 9039 Devonshire  an early Christmas gift. You won’t find more pure MC than this in a 50 year old, one-owner home that is like a time machine back to 1951. Look at those built in benches, sloped ceilings, reams of walnut. Same owner all these years, this is the first time the home has been made available. Lovingly maintained with kid gloves and much love, but I hear agents are using the T word in whispers, since it is located on a prime creek-edged Devonshire acre with views of a lake. You get the necessary goods: four bedrooms, three baths in 2500 plus square feet. Asking $1,450,000 with Claire Dewar at Briggs Freeman Sothebys.

Don’t let this puppy go anywhere!