take command health

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Been putting off the headache of finding health insurance for 2017? Who can blame you when there is a party every night, trees to be decorated and cards to be written and mailed. But the deadline is looming: Dec. 15 is the last day for open enrollment for plans that begin Jan. 1, 2017.


So how can you find a health insurance plan without confusion and frustration that makes you grab a Xanax? Dallas-based startup Take Command Health offers Realtors a simple but effective way to find and enroll in a health plan.

“Trying to find the right health plan that fits your needs can be very difficult, time consuming, and frustrating for anyone not covered by a group insurance plan,” said Todd Peoples, Partner at Take Command Health.

Take Command Health is an innovative health insurance platform, similar to TurboTax, but exclusively for health insurance. Using big data and plain language, they help Realtors navigate the insurance market and find the right health plan.

“Realtors will find more plans on our site than Healthcare.gov or the TREC site because we focus on putting all your options forward, not just the ones that pay large commissions,” Peoples said. “Instead of just presenting all of the plans and saying, ‘Good luck finding the best plan for you,’ we actually guide our users through a custom survey process that includes a few questions about their doctors, prescriptions, and conditions they have. The end result is a customized health plan that truly fits their lives.”

And pocketbook!