Bluffview Colonial Revival

It’s hard to imagine that Bluffview was originally a dairy farm with cows grazing on the rolling hills and drinking from Bachman Creek. Those lovely hilltops now feature beautiful homes instead of cows. However, when you see an estate like this 1938 Bluffview Colonial Revival at 4800 Shadywood Lane, it’s easy to imagine what life was like when the neighborhood began in 1924, because that same feeling of being out in the country prevails.

English Arts and Crafts

Photography: Shoot2Sell

Cheerful, happy, bright, comfortable, warm, and avant-garde — these are the adjectives that belong to our Monday Morning Millionaire. It’s a delightful English Arts and Crafts, Pinterest-worthy home built in 1948 and located on what I think is the best block in Highland Park, between Armstrong Drive and Douglas Avenue at 4312 Beverly Drive.

glass house
There’s a little neighborhood you’d be hard pressed to find unless you were looking for it. Nestled in a slim strip of nature that backs up to the Katy Trail, it’s home to our Monday Morning Millionaire at 2706 Turtle Creek Boulevard—the most wonderful glass house you are ever going to find, anywhere in the world.

SimonsonByron Simonson wasn’t as well known as the holy trinity of architectural mentors he could draw inspiration from, but the influences of Frank Lloyd Wright, Addison Mizner, and Maurice Fatio are still seen in the original midcentury modern abodes that dot Palm Beach — and in today’s Monday Morning Millionaire found right here in Dallas.

The bulk of Simonson’s portfolio can be found in Palm Beach — the Colony Hotel is his design, as was the former La Coquille Club in Manalapan before it was torn down to make for a Ritz-Carlton. (more…)

3608 Lexington.

It’s no secret our market has simmered down from the overheated, boiling point frenzy of a year or so ago. And it’s not that the market isn’t healthy — according to multiple sources, the North Texas real estate market is among the healthiest in the nation.

But to be honest, as we always are, the homes going quickest are the sleek, modern new construction showpieces. This mod craze is something I hope buyers don’t regret in ten years, though the warm transitional moderns of 2018 are a huge improvement over the stucco mesas of yesteryear. My concerns are centered on some of the wilder variations on a theme to be found across our landscape: you know who what the stuff I mean. Will those corrugated metal parts rust out? Will the stucco stain? Will the owners be screaming for brick or Texas limestone sheathing come 2028?

So when a traditional-appearing home at 3608 Lexington, on a street as coveted as Lexington Drive in the primo high price dirt vicinity of Highland Park, hits the market, I pay attention. I toured this home this summer, just before a smattering of travel, and decided to show it off when I was assured everyone was back in town. Because this is one you want to pay attention to.

I know what you are saying: it’s a Georgian, meh, give me a break. I will, until you turn the knob on that beautiful double front door, walk in and meet me in the bathtub…


New England Cottage

You are in for a treat today. I have the most incredible account of this hidden Hillcrest Road New England cottage at 11525 Hillcrest Road because the couple responsible for the renovations kept meticulous notes. Grab a second cuppa, and settle in dear readers. This is one special property.


Jacobethan manor
Expectations are always high when you walk into a Swiss Avenue home. However, this Jacobethan manor house at 5901 Swiss Avenue exceeded mine by a mile. Not only is it a historic home with a well-known, charismatic former owner, it’s also been thoroughly, stunningly updated. (more…)

modern tree house
We could not be more excited to share the news that Diane Cheatham, the developer of Urban Reserve, has put her three-story modern tree house at 1 Vanguard Way, on the market with Dave Perry-Miller’s Charlotte Thompson for $ 3.376 million. This is quite possibly the best opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind, sustainably built modern home in America today.