Courtney Benson Property Group Affiliates with Coldwell Banker

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The Courtney Benson Property Group is now affiliated with Coldwell Banker’s Plano office.  The husband-and-wife duo of Courtney and Gabriel Benson was a top producing team last year, accounting for more than $13 million in sales.

“Courtney and Gabriel’s market knowledge, dedication to their clients, and strong negotiation skills are only a few of the reasons why they’re highly-regarded and trusted by their peers and clients,” Coldwell Banker Plano Branch Manager Frank Obringer said. “I’m very happy to welcome this successful team to the Coldwell Banker network.” 

The majority of Benson’s business comes from referrals. Most of their client base is in North Dallas and the northern suburbs.  Courtney also founded the Facebook page Moving from California to Dallas/ Ft Worth to help West Coast transplants find their footing in North Texas.  She says it’s nice to have that connection because many Californians have misconceptions about the Dallas area and concerns about how they will be treated in Texas.

“I think it’s really cool that I get the opportunity to say, ‘Wait a minute. The best thing you can do is leave your preconceived notions at the state border and come over here without any of that because that’s not the Texas that I’ve experienced,’” she says. “I like the opportunity I get to share my Texas with them.”

Courtney grew up in Paso Robles, California, a city known for its wine. She played two years of junior college basketball, leading the state in blocked shots. After graduating from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV), she moved to Los Angeles and worked in the luxury cosmetic industry for 14 years. During that time, she traveled all over the country for business. 

Gabriel wrote for Beckett Publishing.  The job took the family to Dallas. After having two kids in a span of 22 months, Courtney decided it was time to get off the road, so she left her job.  Two weeks later Gabriel was laid off from his job after the company was sold. 

“So we were sitting there with two babies and no jobs saying ‘uh-oh,’” Courtney recalled.

They decided to get into the dry cleaning business, a move that left them nearly broke. However, Courtney also got to meet a lot of Realtors during that time span. Though not an artist, she’d make movie boards to sell on the side. One day while she was in the back of the store working on one, a Groupon popped up for a $199 real estate class.  Even though it took nearly all the money in their account, she bought it.

It took her a year to earn her license. After that, she’s been busy ever since. Sometimes she jokes that she is the “Groupon Realtor.”

“I always say was the best $200 I’ve ever spent,” she says. “It’s paid handsomely.”

Two years ago Gabriel decided to join.  Courtney says he took to it immediately and that they make a great team. Looking forward, both Courtney and Gabriel are happy with the trajectory of their business.  They plan to increase their share of the luxury market and may even consider adding a new member to the team at some point.

“I really like where our organic growth has gone,” Courtney said.  “Gabe and I know where we want to go and we’re getting there.”

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