Bella Custom Homes Remasters The Common Kitchen, Gives It Soul

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Today we are talking kitchens y’all. It’s where you cook, eat, and bon appétit. It’s the spot where kiddos do homework and munch on PB&J, and where you entertain and take all your Zoom calls. Yes, the kitchen has always been the heart of the home. But Bella Custom Homes is giving it soul.

Modern, casual, or fit for a King and Queen, Bella Custom Homes builds kitchens the way they should be – custom tailored for the way you live. Curious what’s trending now in kitchen design? We have the answers, straight from the source.

First, let’s start with an easy kitchen conundrum – single island versus double island.

Like they say, everything is bigger (and better) in Texas. And that includes our kitchen islands too.

Bella Custom Homes Vice President and Lead Interior Designer, Stacy Brotemarkle says, “Who doesn’t love a ton of prep and serving space, and room for more barstools? We are doing more and more double islands. It just gives the family more room to spread out. Whether that is for kids eating and doing homework, or room to lay out a big spread for guests. With current conditions, we are all staying home more, so families are needing more room. And we all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. This larger kitchen space is giving them a central location for entertaining or doing daily life.”

Next up, catering kitchens

These little wonders are becoming more common with homeowners who want the main kitchen to be a showplace, while the actual cooking or catering kitchen remains out of sight.

“We are definitely seeing more catering kitchens,” says Bella Custom Homes Founder and Certified Graduate Master Builder Tony Visconti. “This gives the homeowner a chance to keep the main kitchen looking both luxurious and beautiful, while the clutter of daily life is more tucked away.”

“With the catering kitchen, it’s a great place to keep the coffee pot, microwave, and daily clutter a little more hidden. But it’s also ideal for entertaining,” adds Brotemarkle. “Since we tend to gather in the kitchen when entertaining, no one wants to look at dirty pans or unprepped food. This again keeps the unsightly things out of sight for guests. I personally love the catering kitchen concept. I am an organized person that doesn’t like a lot of clutter. I love the idea of having a place to tuck away the kitchen clutter and just have a clean luxurious space to entertain in.”

Another welcome trend? Microwave drawers and high end appliances! 

We love the idea of microwave drawers for keeping things sleek and chic. Not to mention cutting down on those pesky fingerprints! Goodbye clunky eyesores.

“Microwave drawers are a great feature we are seeing more of in kitchens,” says Brotemarkle. “Traditionally the microwave placed in an upper cabinet can look bulky, and can be hard to reach into for some. The microwave drawer not only tucks it away in the deeper lower cabinet. But it also makes it more accessible for a lot of people.”

“Also, our clients want those high-end appliances, like Sub Zero – Wolf. They want the steam ovens, the built-in coffee makers, dual dishwashers, warming drawers, and even built-in wine dispensers.”

Built-in wine dispensers? Cheers to that!

When it comes to double wall ovens versus a range, Dallas folks are divided

What is a gourmet kitchen without double wall ovens or a showstopping range? It seems many homeowners prefer one or the other.

“Double wall ovens and ranges is where we see clients divided,” says Visconti. “About half like one and half like the other. They each have their pros and cons. The range keeps all the cooking in one spot and doesn’t take up what would be countertops or more cabinet uppers, while the wall ovens are liked by clients who do bake a lot. The wall ovens keep you from bending over to check on your food in the oven.”

Can’t settle on one? We say, why not have it all.

Now, let’s dive into the fun part – specialty features, materials, and color palettes

Whether you like it light and bright or warm and welcoming, Bella Custom Homes can create the dream kitchen for you. However, we want to know what Dallas is doing. 

“Kitchen trends are still white or very light toned cabinets with a mix of some lighter stains. The days of dark stains are gone,” Brotemarkle tells us. “Some clients crave a little pop of color and go with a blue tone paint on the kitchen island, or even all of the kitchen cabinets. The backsplashes are a great place to bring in some personality and glitz. There are so many incredible stone mosaic pattern choices out there. You can really put your own stamp on your kitchen design. Decorative lighting is a great way to bring in more personality too.”  

And then there are the countertop choices

“We are seeing everything from quartz, to marbles and granites, and quartzites,” she says. “There are so many incredibly unique choices out there for countertops. Sometimes it can be hard to commit to just one. And in that case, you don’t have to! We can do one more exotic stone on the island and a quieter or simpler stone on the perimeter countertops.”

But we can’t help but wonder, how does Bella Custom Homes approach kitchen design?

Bella Custom Homes are well-known throughout North Texas for their high attention-to-detail and ability to create visually stunning spaces that last. However, it’s their approach that truly sets them apart. 

“We want to create the perfect kitchen space for our clients’ needs and wants, as well as their lifestyle,” says Visconti. “Whether that means a space for intimate dinners with a few friends, or a large family gathering, we want to design that perfect space specifically for them. Also, some of our clients cook a lot and some hardly ever. We’ll help them create that kitchen and dining space that meets their lifestyle, no matter what that may be. Some clients that cook a lot, are wanting a pot filler, veggie/prep sinks, things to make the chef’s life a little easier. Some clients are doing under counter fridges for the kids’ drinks. This keeps the little hands out of the larger refrigerator. We are also seeing some of the formal dining rooms going away, and instead they are doing a larger breakfast nook for more casual dining.”

Bella Custom Homes taps into what’s unique about you, your lifestyle, and more

There is a reason Bella Custom Homes is renowned in Dallas. They elevate the most essential design features to help you live well. And by offering detailed renderings, they allow clients to envision their kitchen spaces while still in the planning stage – a huge plus.

Lastly, the most important aspect of achieving that dream kitchen? Choosing the right builder

“Always choose a builder based on a referral from a close friend or family member, or by checking their references,” says Visconti. “Talk to people that have gone through the process with that specific builder and see how they felt when their project was completed. And go with your gut. Some builders may tell you what you want to hear, but that may not always be the case once you get further involved in the project. At Bella Custom Homes we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. Our process is very transparent and enjoyable. And that’s why we have repeat clientele.”


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