Head to Aledo to Social Distance in Style For as Long as You Need

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Social distance from Aledo
This home sits on two acres, plenty of space to social distance from others. (Photos: Trey Freeze Media)

Social distance — I absolutely can’t wait until that is no longer a necessary phrase on a daily basis. How did six feet all of a sudden become the accepted distance between people to not spread the novel coronavirus?

If we are going to have more and more months of restrictions and limitations on gatherings, then we might as well head to where there is land to roam and not worry about being too close to others.

In order to do that, we’re going to need to visit 401 Chandler Drive in Aledo— just 13 minutes west of Fort Worth — to find plenty of spaces and places to enjoy and appropriately social distance from one another.

If the property gets too crowded, just close the gate.

A Spread So You Can Stop The Spread

Located on two acres of fenced terrain, the 3,950-square-foot home with five bedrooms and five bathrooms certainly qualifies as an approved home for social distancing.

The kitchen opens to the family room at 401 Chandler Drive.

Take advantage of the spacious upstairs game room or the large downstairs area — all with new paint and flooring — if being farther than six feet apart is your goal.

The massive upstairs game room is Dr. Fauci approved!

Wide Open Spaces

If the temps all of a sudden drop to where you can stand being outside, and you want to enjoy the scenic views of the area, you can enjoy a cool splash in the pool, watch the sunset from the second-floor terrace, or hang out under the trees on the outdoor deck.

Splish-splash in the pool, enjoy a beverage outdoors, or enjoy the scenery from the second-floor terrace.

Maybe being social isn’t even in your wheelhouse and you want to be even farther away from COVID-carrying mouth breathers. If that’s the case, then head out to the storage barn on the property that can be filled with mowers, tractors, or other necessary social distancing equipment.

Really get away by hopping on the tractor in the barn.

Irregardless (it’s now a word – ask Merriam-Webster) of your intention — whether you want to be socially distant from people, want to enjoy the Aledo area or just want a spacious, pretty home, 401 Chandler Drive is a home that will surely fit the bill.

Amanda Massingill of Williams Trew Real Estate has listed 401 Chandler Drive in Aledo for $675,000.


Seth Fowler

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