Getting Personal With Luxury Homebuilder Scott Faulkner

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Shelter-in-place in the backyard of this Santa Barbara-style beach house.
(Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes)

Scott Faulkner is your quintessential “marketing” guy — in the very best way possible. As CEO of Faulker Perrin Custom Homes, his role encompasses everything from finding the perfect lot to counseling clients through every stage of the homebuilding process.

“I literally become ingrained with the people we build for. Custom houses start from day one. When you hire us, the differentiator is you deal with the owners of the company,” says Faulkner, whose company is one of the carefully selected Approved Builders.

A fresh, modern take on a classic transitional style.
(Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes)

“My contact list becomes theirs. And because we have tremendous pride in the homes we build, turning the keys over to the owners is just another phase in what we hope is a longstanding relationship.”

His partner, Kirk Perrin, is the “operations” guy, who oversees the building side of the business. Friends for more than 35 years, the duo formed their eponymous company in 2012 to offer customers the same level of service, trust, and camaraderie they experience personally.

Work safe fom the comfort of home. (Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes)

“We’ve worked construction and landscaping together since the eighth grade,” says Faulkner. “Our dream was to build a business and run it the way we wanted to; to treat people the way we wanted to be treated.”

Like so many legendary partnerships, complementary skill sets and an uncompromising work ethic provided a rock-solid foundation. With homes ranging in price from $2 to $8 million, their philosophy is to help people get the most house for the money they want to spend.  

Modern construction designed to maximize natural light. (Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes)

“It’s a fine line for builders. I’m not going to sell them anything I can’t build within their budget,” says Faulkner. “I’d rather be upfront than hide behind the usual construction jargon just to get the job. Customers come back and thank me for being honest.”

Personalization is, in fact, the luxury builder’s strong suit. He’s adept at putting together teams that not only suit the project, but meld with each client’s individual temperament.

A fully stocked bar for sequestering at home. (Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes)

“It’s like a blind date. You have to know who to set people up with,” says Faulkner. “We obviously work with very talented architects and designers. Yet introducing owners to the right ones is where the value-add lies, since they’ll be spending a lot of time with those professionals.”

A unique, contemporary design with a Mediterranean feel. (Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes)

Another major selling point is that no two Faulkner Perrin homes are alike. Since the very beginning, the firm hasn’t limited itself to a single genre. Styles run the gamut: Farmhouse to Cape Cod, Mediterranean to Modern, even their take on an updated traditional home.

“We’re never going to build the exact same house — ever. It’s just not who we are.” says Faulkner. “Every project needs to shift and change. A true custom build caters to the needs and desires of the family who’s going to live there.”

A kitchen you’ll want to spend more time in. (Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes)

Favorite Faulknerisms:

Trademark of a Faulkner Perrin home: Lots of light. I grew up in a dark house, so I have an aversion.

Describe yourself in three words: Happy. Humorous. Trustworthy.

Best advice: Always tell the truth. Then you never have to worry about what was or wasn’t said.

Favorite part of the job: Interacting with the people we build for: watching the transition, from the first phone call with someone I’ve never met, to the day when I realize they’re now friends and part of the Faulkner Perrin family living in their dream home.

Bucket list: Attend the Masters, the Kentucky Derby, and the Cannes Film Festival in the same year.  Then escape back to a lake house where I can sit atop a riding lawn mower, play fetch with six dogs (two chocolates, two yellows and two black labs—you did say BUCKET list!) and have a stock pond to fish in for monster bass.

Secret Sauce:  Design and deliver the home the owner envisioned when they first called. When it’s all said and done, all that matters is the answer to the question: “Did we build what they wanted?”  I truly love to hear about the moment our clients say, “Wow, we’ve built an incredible home!” 

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