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If you’re a long-timer around Northeast Dallas, you might remember the Brown Bag BBQ restaurant in Casa Linda Plaza. RE/MAX agent Jenny Capritta remembers it fondly as her family’s now-closed restaurant back in the 1970s. When it was time for Jenny to make roots as an adult, White Rock Lake was an easy choice. Jenny purchased her first home at the young age of 21 in Little Forest Hills. She enjoyed her little fixer-upper so much that in 1987 she decided her passion was helping her community buy and sell homes.

Do you have a mentor or someone in the real estate business that’s helped you?

My longtime mentor and friend for 25 years is my prior broker, Barbara Reeves. In 2014, Barbara passed the torch to Mark Wolfe. Under Mark’s leadership, our office has blossomed to over 300 agents serving the entire Metroplex. I feel blessed to have them both!

What lessons have they taught you?

Barbara and Mark mean the world to me. There are ups and downs in business, problems that arise, and they have always been there to advise and counsel.

What was the market like when you began selling real estate?

I began my career just months before the stock crash of 1987. My first office closed soon after and my second office, owned by a Savings and Loan, closed too. Market values were plummeting and there was an oversupply of foreclosures. Yikes!

I carefully weighed the pros and cons of each company. By far the winner was RE/MAX. Their innovative business model was unbeatable. Within my 30 years with the company, I have watched us grow into a worldwide organization that puts its clients first. My sellers benefit from our global resources giving them the maximum exposure needed to secure the highest price.

What are the top subdivisions to live around White Rock?

I cannot really claim any hood as TOP. I myself have lived in Lakewood, Little Forest Hills. The Peninsula, Casa Linda Estates, and now Lake Highlands.  Being close to the lake has always been my preference.

Is there a subdivision that’s particularly seeing a lot of redevelopment/teardowns?

The new wave of teardowns is hitting Old Lake Highlands.

What’s changing or new in White Rock?

The efforts of area residences taking on the task of White Rock Lake’s environment and improvements. As a board member of the White Rock Lake Foundation, our president Ted Ellis and the board are working tirelessly to raise funds to support the lake. Most recently we added stone signage to Lakewood’s main entrance to the lake and shade structures for Winfrey Point’s baseball field. Next, we are tackling the long-overdue dredging of the lake with great support from our new District 9 rep Paula Blackmon.

What do you think is Dallas’ overall perception of White Rock?

The Park and Recreations Department does a fabulous job but is underfunded and understaffed. We need to make White Rock Lake the best it can be and that requires an effort from not just area residents and businesses but from those all over the Metroplex. The eroding shoreline and silt wash is a huge problem that needs to be resolved.

What’s the best part of living there, or the hidden gem that people overlook about your neighborhood?

The East Dallas vibe is cool, hip, young and old. We have a great sense of community that really came to light in the most recent storm to hit June 9. Once the storm blew over, all of us were checking on others, helping those in need and giving shelter, food, and water for those without.

Describe the architectural style of your home and how you’ve decorated the interior.

I have always wanted an Austin stone one story with French Windows. In 2012 I purchase such a home in Old Lake Highlands near the Green Spot in the White Rock Shopping Center. I kept the traditional look and will continue to do so thru further remodel projects. I tend to like the elegant formals upon entering vs one big open space.

What is your favorite…
  • Restaurant: Casa Linda Plaza has come along way since my family had the Brown Bag BBQ restaurant back in the 70’s.
  • Happy hour spot: White Rock Ale House, where we have our monthly Greater East Dallas Chamber Happy Hour to mingle with other business members of our community. Great fun inside or out on the patio.
  • Secret shopping spot: Casa Linda Plaza, I do my banking, grocery shopping, pet supplies, dry cleaning, coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, hardware store, desserts, and the new Ulta. We now have a now Chilosa Fresh Fast Mexican Food concept and the upcoming all-day breakfast restaurant from Austin, Snooze. The recent improvements to White Rock Center include the new El Vecino’s, District 9 and upcoming Bar None. Hillside Village in Lakewood is getting a new health club next to the new ASI Gymnastics. A great addition to the long-vacant Albertson’s.
What should newcomers to Dallas know about living here?

Traffic is at times awful. You cannot judge commutes by Google Maps as road conditions, construction, and inclement weather can cause havoc with commute times. East Dallas is flourishing as more businesses open up in Uptown and Downtown. Many are moving back from the burbs and enjoying the eclectic lifestyle. No one wants an hour commute from Plano anymore.

For help with Lake Highlands and White Rock Lake real estate, contact Jenny Capritta DFW Associates at 214-818-4150 or


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