Dallas Builders Association Member Spotlight: Smith Custom Building and Design

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Steven and Brian Smith

Two years may not seem like an awfully long time to be in business, but that’s not stopping Smith Custom Building and Design from earning recognition. Following in the footsteps of their father, brothers Steven and Brian Smith focus their work on the eastern side of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with projects in Rockwall, Heath, Kaufman, and more. And their repertoire is deep, offering the design and style that buyers crave. 

Those are just a few of the reasons we’re featuring Smith Custom Building and Design in our Dallas Builders Association Member Spotlight.

Find out more about Smith Custom Building and Design as the CandysDirt.com staff highlights some of the spectacular members of Dallas Builders Association right here, asking these consummate professionals all about their business as a way to brag on the many quality, trustworthy builders in the North Texas area that can count themselves among their peers in the Dallas Builders Association.

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What location or area do you primarily build in? What about the location makes it especially attractive?

Our primary location for custom homes is in Rockwall, Heath, Kaufman and the surrounding areas of the Dallas area. We complete primarily new construction homes but have also completed a few large remodels in these areas. The outskirts of Dallas have been a great location for our clients who enjoy the large lots, but also have the convenience of close restaurants and shopping as well as great school programs.

What’s your go-to architectural style? Traditional? Contemporary? Old World? Modern?

We have completed a variety of architectural styles for our clients. Blending farm-house with modern to capture our particular clients’ style. We try not to focus on one particular style but strive to give each customer the custom architectural style that they dream of. 

How does your company provide value to your clients? 

We provide one on one consultations with our in-house architect with each client. Giving our clients the ability to design a house plan from their dreams and ideas. Creating a house design specifically suited to their lifestyle.

Have you received any recent awards? What for? From whom?

Smith Custom Building and Design was recently voted for the Build of the Week on the Dallas Builders Association website, for our showcase home built in a community in Rockwall, High Point Lake Estates. 

Considering the competition, how does your brand distinguish itself? 

We push to exceed each client’s expectations of the entire custom home building process. Focusing on client’s selections and budget without sacrificing quality. Smith Custom Building and Design brings over 15 years of combined experience to your home building experience to design and build luxury homes customized to the lifestyle of each of our clients. Our in-house architect designs one of a kind floorplans tailored to suit individuals ideas for their dream home. 

What does being a member of the Dallas Builders Association do for you and your business?

Being a member of the Dallas Builders Association allows us to understand the industry and adapt with it as Texas continues to grow and be a leader in the construction industry. The Dallas Builders Association also provides opportunities to meet clients and vendors; which helps us expand our clientele and get multiple vendors for bids to give our clients the best options at the best price. 

What is the biggest challenge you face in the current market? What are you doing to overcome it? 

Our biggest challenge is the shortage in land for custom homes. Production building is a growing industry that continues to take a large percentage of land available for homes. We try to look ahead of schedule for custom lots and begin to work our company into communities to allow us to buy lots and build custom homes. Also beginning to look for undeveloped land that we can then begin developing custom communities for our homes. 


Joanna England

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