See 13 Properties At Sunday Open House Behind The Pink Wall

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6307 Bandera Ave. Unit 6307C

When this crossed my desk, I immediately liked this idea. Agents from multiple brokerages representing the (lucky) 13 properties got together and devised a simultaneous open house from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, August 18. Think of it as a home tour, but you can actually buy the house you fall in love with.  And the Pink Wall is compact enough that you don’t need fussy tickets or an afternoon of waiting for the next bus to show up.

And yes, one listing begins “Rarely available” with 12 other properties within a two-block radius and three in the same building. Another knows its unit’s catnip blaring “ONE PARKING SPACE & UTILITIES INCLUDED” as its opener (but I digress).

Twelve of the properties are contained in the plethora of two-story buildings that line tree-lined streets. The listings also showcase the neighborhood’s bread and butter of two-bedroom units. Some have two bathrooms, while others pick up the half bath for visitors. They range in price from $259,000 to $695,000 and from 1,130 to 2,659 square feet in size. Most are also under $200 per square foot.

If you’re smart, you’ll strap on your Keds and see them all, but here’s my short list.

6328 Bandera Second Floor Patio of Greenery

6328 Bandera Ave. Unit C

Located in the Royal Arms building tucked behind mature trees, Unit C is the lowest cost per square foot of this bunch at $165.09 for each of its 1,908 feet. That’s pretty killer space for a two-bedroom unit with a den.

Minor work for open concept or leave as-is.

For this price you may want to put in hardwoods and open the kitchen/den area, but (cliché-ically) the bones are good. It’s a second-floor unit so there are two balconies and you can feel OK with the windows and drapes open.

There are some kinda fun built-ins for a retro look separating living and dining rooms, and they are a far cry from Ikea cheap. The master bath has a sunken tub with a glass surround complete with a Royal Arms crest etched in the glass.

The whole thing will run you $315,000 from Mary Beth Harrison at Dave Perry-Miller.

6307 Bandera Ave. Unit 6307 C

You, too, will wonder if this unit has been professionally staged – one bum-worn chair in the den says “no,” meaning the owner’s taste is just that ooh-la-la. This is another second-floor unit with 2,110 square feet, the extra powder room, and a LOT of storage – the master has four closets, and three are walk-in. As you see above, the unit has been opened somewhat with the kitchen visible in the distance.

And what a kitchen. Bold red tile ensures you won’t fall asleep at the stove. The peninsula is spacious for entertaining whether chatting with the chef or watching the big game (oy, “big game” – me?). This is also an end unit so there are windows on multiple sides (always nice and reminiscent of a single-family home). Oh, I almost forgot, Park Carillon condos have an elevator – the only one I’m told outside the towers.

This is another Dave Perry-Miler listing from Mark O’Donnell that’s priced at $425,000.

8604 Baltimore Dr. Unit 4

I have to be honest, when I see patterned wrought iron, I don’t think New Orleans so much as Interview with a Vampire (which I know, was set partly in New Orleans). But ya know what?  It’s a large, peaceful view with fresh decking, so I can leave Lestat behind.  Anyway, I selected this unit just in case the others seemed too large for your needs, here we are at a 1,375-square-foot unit at the Magnolia on Baltimore.

It seems every one of the Pink Wall buildings has a large living room, and this is no exception. But look further, there’s a trick to pick up here. See that “box” beyond the large arch?  That’s the kitchen. Imagine knocking that down and putting in a galley kitchen along that wall that’s open to everything?

See what I mean? A long kitchen extending where that chandelier is. The other half of the room becomes the dining room that’s in front of the French doors. You’d also pick up the light from the kitchen window to really open it up. Wanna gild the lily? Replace the back door with a glass door for more light. This could be an extraordinary entertaining space.

And remember, this is one of the smallest units in the open house. It’s listed with Nancy Bergamasco with Allie Beth Allman for $274,500.

There’s your taste. There are another 10 units to see on Sunday. One thing to check out is the HOA dues – most include all utilities and being low-rises, often a lot more reasonable than those in high-rises. Cha-ching!

So wear comfy shoes, but I’d say don’t worry about water as I suspect all will be giving it away (is there a prize if you collect all 13 different bottles?). One thing’s for sure, with all the trees, there will be plenty of shade.

Remember:  High-rises, HOAs and renovation are my beat. But I also appreciate modern and historical architecture balanced against the YIMBY movement. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, the National Association of Real Estate Editors recognized my writing with three Bronze (2016, 2017, 2018) and two Silver (2016, 2017) awards.  Have a story to tell or a marriage proposal to make?  Shoot me an email Be sure to look for me on Facebook and Twitter. You won’t find me, but you’re welcome to look.


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