Stevens Park Village: One of Dallas’ Most Hidden Neighborhoods

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2328 W. Colorado Blvd. Circa 1941

Stevens Park Village may be nestled off-the-beaten-path between Colorado Boulevard and the edge of North Oak Cliff, but the amazing Dallas skyline is in plain sight from hilltops in the hidden neighborhood. That’s one of the many advantages that villagers enjoy.

The location, just a stone’s throw from Interstate 30 and downtown, is another one. Residents have easy access to the central business district, urban sprawl, and all-things Dallas along with the comfort of coming home to a quiet neighborhood with plenty of village feel.

2107 Barberry Drive Circa 1941

Unlike some historic North Oak Cliff neighborhoods that date back to the 19th century, Stevens Park Village is more of a vintage village. While homes on five of its streets were constructed from 1939 to 1941, houses on the remaining three streets are Midcentury architecture straight out of the 1950s.

Most of the earlier Austin stone and brick cottage-style homes include archways, fireplaces, hardwood flooring, chair rail molding, and corner cupboards. Midcentury homes built in the neighborhood’s western addition are a larger ranch style.

2336 Lawndale Drive Circa 1941

Though exterior elevations and eclectic facades depict period architecture, interiors can range from totally original to totally upgraded.

Fifteen homes in Stevens Park Village were designed by iconic architect Charles Dilbeck whose work is synonymous with the distinctive look in the Cochran Heights, Lakewood, and Bluffview neighborhoods. Since Dilbeck’s philosophy centered on creating homes that welcome friends and visitors alike, he frequently designed L-shape houses with heavy porch timbers, which reflect a solid and inviting vibe. Some of his homes were constructed of brick to illustrate the era.

2336 Lawndale Drive has an updated interior

Bordered by Remond Drive to the north, North Hampton Road to the east, Fullerton Drive to the west, and Fort Worth Avenue to the south – Stevens Park Village is characterized by wide, curving streets lined with mature trees as well as the neighborhood’s proximity to Stevens Park Golf Course.

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