1980s Contemporary Makes Most of White Rock Lake Views From Lot

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I’ve driven, walked, biked, and strolled past this house on one of the prettiest streets in Dallas — Tokalon Drive — and I’ve always wondered how the sharp angles and gridded windows conveyed to the interiors. The answer: AMAZINGLY. Fans of contemporary architecture will love this classic 1980s home that takes full advantage of the gorgeous views from its hilltop perch near White Rock Lake.

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Jump to see the cool contemporary interiors of this Tokalon listing from Nancy Johnson.

Tokalon Living

Tokalon Living 2

Tokalon Dining

Tokalon Kitchen

Tokalon Kitchen 2

This is one of those contemporary homes that, with a little attention to detail, would be a perfect, easy renovation project. With four bedrooms, two full and one half bath, more than 4,300 square feet, and some of the most spectacular terrace and rooftop views, 7243 Tokalon Drive is an amazing opportunity at $1.094 million.

Johnson notes that this home is just a block from the lake and just across the street from a public greenbelt, meaning that your views will never be obstructed. If that doesn’t sell you on this fun 1986 design, then the rooftop deck sure will. Just imagine an intimate gathering at sunset, watching the fiery sky paint the surface of the lake with every hue in the rainbow.

As with any property of this age, certain things will have to be addressed. the beige tile in the kitchen is the chief offender. It’s a style that continues into the bathrooms, much to my chagrin. I do like the copious recessed lighting and the plentiful built-ins throughout the home, which add warmth and texture to a style that is often considered sterile and lacking. The contemporary ceiling fans are perfect for the spaces, and the doors are all scaled well for the home.

Now, at this price, some people might be looking at this property as a teardown. I sure hope not. I think that this could be a tremendous opportunity for a creative remodeler or buyer!

You also get a wonderful den, a library, upstairs study, and a master suite with a private balcony and stupendous views. For the contemporary lover, this home is just the thing. What do you think?

Tokalon Den

Tokalon Library

Tokalon Master

Tokalon backyard

Tokalon Views


Joanna England

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  1. Holly Hegeman says

    Why in the world would anyone tear this beautiful home down? I hope that does not happen. There are enough cookie cutter houses already.

    • mmJoanna England says

      I agree! However, considering the lot and the views, I can’t help but think that there’s someone out there who would buy this house only for that reason, and not for the fun contemporary architecture.

  2. Jon Anderson says

    It’s funny. You see this as a 1980s exterior while I see it as a 1930s ’40s riff (in a good way). In my mind, the checkerboard windows and angular exterior point to the 1930-1940’s streamlining found in many buildings of the era. But I soooo agree, tile countertops gotta go.

  3. Bonnie Doon says

    Just imagine an intimate gathering at sunset, watching the fiery sky paint the surface of the lake with every hue in the rainbow. Left out the electrical cell tower and transmission lines and their supporting towers running right through the middle of the view). This description has really been realtor “churched up”. Author should write Flavio love novels

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