It Was an Accident! Man Who Posted Nude Mirror Shot For Austin Listing Didn’t Notice His Reflection

Photo via Gawker

Photo via Gawker

I’m sure you’ve already seen the photo about this poor guy who was just trying to sell his Austin condo and ended up flashing everyone in the process.

As it turns out, it was all an accident, says KDFW’s report on the … ahem … matter.

A Texas man hoping to sell his home made a big mistake while posting an image of his home online.

His home in Austin Texas has five bedrooms, and costs $389,500. When it came time for showing one of the four bathrooms, home buyers got an unsettling  surprise.

The seller didn’t realize he was naked in the photo and was seen standing in the middle of the mirror without pants.

Apparently he didn’t notice his reflection before uploading the photo. At least you can’t see that poor man’s face in the photo.

The photo already made its rounds on the internet before it was removed from the original site it was posted on.

For the original report, complete with the NSFW, unedited photo, which really underlines how important professional photography is at all price ranges, head over to Gawker. Either this guy is just completely naive or is a total marketing genius because dang, this story went viral in a heartbeat!

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