lovefield southwest plane landing

Love Field is surrounded by some of the best and priciest neighborhoods in Dallas. Flanked by Mockingbird Lane, Lemmon Avenue, and Denton Drive, this airport has always gotten the stink-eye from neighboring property owners who feel entitled to some peace and quiet.

There’s Bluffview, Perry Heights, Greenway Parks, and Oak Lawn and Uptown to the south. But with the Wright Amendment set to be fully repealed in less than a year, well, it could get a lot noisier. If homeowners felt air traffic was tough to bear before, could the increased fly-bys from Love Field departures and arrivals affect property values?

Maybe not, says Allie Beth Allman VP Tim Schutze.

“I am not seeing any negative changes in buyers comments and have not seen any change in values,” Schutze said via email. “I believe more people have become — and are becoming — more tuned to the urban setting and all that comes with that, such as traffic noise, congestion, etc.”

I think it’s an interesting perspective, and one we often overlook, that the urban environment often isn’t quiet, and can be quite noisy. As Dallas increases in urban density, of course you’re going to get more noise. More neighbors = more activity, which in turn = more noise. That’s not a bad thing, though, because with increased density you get more amenities and a more walk-able neighborhood.

Schutze echoes that philosophy, saying that homebuyers who are looking to move inside Insterstate 635 “feel that the benefits of a close-in location far outweighs any perceived issues with air traffic and vehicle noise.”

What do you think?